Scale & configure your network to suit your needs

Whether you need dedicated internet access, a secure connection to the cloud or you need to create a private network; Multiport is the answer. We’ve combined all these services into one cost effective solution that you can reconfigure, scale and customise throughout your project.

Keeping clients connected

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Flexibility to scale your network operations

Multiport allows customers to re-configure their bandwidth allocations between the services on a month-to-month basis in-line with their business needs - whether it be changing projects, technology, or location of staff.

Cost effective

With Multiport you can scale your overall capacities and speeds based on your project needs (more remote workers, more render capacity needed etc) and with rate card pricing and no contractual changes to re-configure bandwidth, managing your connectivity is hassle-free with predictable costs.

"A lot of companies claim user-friendliness and Sohonet have never let us down"

Rizzo Islam
Head of Technology{/}The Mill

24/7 Support

Sohonet’s premium 24/7 support serviceis included, giving you round-the-clock access to our team of engineers who understand the technical and business requirements of productions

Full: Flexible and scalable
Flexible and scalable
Scale your bandwidth with built-in “burst” capability to accommodate your project needs
Half: Team of expert white glove support
White glove support
24 x 7 support and white glove concierge service who are there to help solve wider media workflow problems
Half: Reliable streaminlined access to your teams and partners
Reliable streaminlined access to your teams and partners
Our private network provides direct access to 500+ major media companies worldwide
Half: Speeds and performance guarenteed
Speeds and performance guaranteed
Guaranteed bandwidth, fast response times and zero external contention
Half: Keep costs down
Keep Costs down
With rate card pricing and no contractual changes to re-configure bandwidth, managing your connectivity is hassle-free with predictable costs
Full: Studio-grade network security
Studio-grade network security
The secure infrastructure provides a safe route to transfer valuable content with confidence

Use Cases

Connect teams & partners

Connect with 500+ companies and 1000s of storytellers worldwide via The Sohonet Media Network & experience high-speed, uncontended internet to access off-net partners & web based platforms

Leverage the cloud

Gain high-speed, direct, and flexible access to public cloud services, including AWS, Azure and Google, securely from your facilities around the world, with Sohonet FastLane.

Inter-site connectivity

Access resources and capabilities between multiple locations – including those of third parties – configured to suit your needs as either secure point-to-point, point-to-multipoint MPLS or SD-WAN services.

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25+ Years Experience

We’ve been in the business for over 25 years and understand the unique challenges and pain points M&E teams experience


Global production studio partners

As the industry has grown, so have we. We cover all major global media production hubs across 19 countries and 56 cities


M&E customers globally

We connect 1000s companies and over 100,000 storytellers worldwide  with solutions designed to meet the needs of media professionals


Customer support

Our highly trained support engineers are on-hand to deal with your issue there and then

Our other Network & Connectivity solutions

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