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We connect storytellers – by innovating technologies to facilitate collaboration through a world-class managed service

Where we started

Where we are now

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Back in 1995 (around the time MGM’s Braveheart was sweeping the floor with award wins) a few friends in post-production met at their local Soho watering hole.

They wanted to discuss the future of the film industry. After a beer or two they concluded that if they didn’t make what they needed, nobody else would. They needed to find a way to send large digital files to each other quickly and securely. And so Sohonet began.

Where we started

Where we are now

Where we are going

As the industry continues to evolve, we remain committed to delivering exceptional user experiences and empowering creatives with cutting-edge collaboration solutions

Our toolkit continues to redefine collaboration and empower professionals to achieve their creative vision with enhanced efficiency and security. Our team are focused on building technology to help storytellers do what they do best — create the magic we see on our screens, without their creative collaboration being constrained or limited.

Where we started

Where we are now

Where we are going

We are committed to our vision of revolutionising the way storytellers create content by making collaboration more seamless and secure.

As the industry continues to evolve, Sohonet remains focused on delivering exceptional user experiences and empowering professionals with cutting-edge collaboration solutions.

Keeping people connected across the M&E industry


We support productions from the second they get the green light. Whether it’s setting up your production offices with WiFi and phones, looking after your camera RAW files in the cloud or connecting you to the world’s leading post-production facilities, we have it covered.


Sohonet was founded by a group of post-production companies working in Soho. Many of our engineers and senior team members have a post-production background and are fully versed in post-production workflow challenges. It’s why so many of our tools cater to challenges in the area.


Competition in the VFX market is growing and we have the tools to help your bid be successful no matter the size of project. We can connect your teams with flexible and low-cost access to render power, virtual workstations and other cloud resources to meet your peak project demands.

Creative Production Agencies

We bring creative agencies and their clients together in the most seamless and cost-effective way possible. Whatever the distance, however schedules overlap, we help accelerate project decisions and completion times with tools that enhance digital workflows, saving agencies time and money, so they can take on more work.

Production Studios & Creative Workspaces

We support over 50 production studios across the globe and hundreds more offices and collaboration facilities. We provide connectivity, our suite of communication tools, monitoring and management to offer media-optimised services to productions and tenants.

Distribution Studios

We are a trusted partner of every major distribution studio in Hollywood. We have the agility to provide solutions to the hardest technical challenges, and our commitment to security at every stage of production means we maintain great relationships with the infosec teams we work with.

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From the products our tech team design, to the interactions you may have with our experts in customer service, our team is made up of film fanatics and tech specialists who want to see a story well told.

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