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High-quality streaming

Image quality and colour fidelity are vital for remote colour grading or VFX reviews. ClearView Pivot offers HDR reviews in 4K at full-colour quality over our uncontended private Media Network so nothing gets lost in translation. Services over the open internet all require compression, so they simply cannot measure up.

Hassle-free software setup

Other solutions are hardware products that require a lot of time and effort – for both security teams involved in firewalling and technical assistants checking equipment before every session. {/}{/} Pivot works immediately every time and as a point-to-multipoint solution you can ‘pivot’ easily from one end point to the next to collaborate with multiple people at the click of a button.

"The compromises when you used to work remotely don’t really exist anymore with technologies like Pivot that replicate very closely what you’d experience if you were office-based”

Elliot Newman{/}VFX supervisor

4K Collaboration from home

For those needing to join from home - Pivot Lite provides the solution. The hardware offers a receive-only option for Pivot review sessions, which can be run over an internet connection. Sessions benefit from all the same high-quality features as a standard Pivot call but with a lower bandwidth requirement. Requiring as little as 100 mbps for 2K and 150 mbps for 4K reviews.

Full: Super high quality streaming
Super high-quality streaming
Supports 2K, UHD, 4K video formats, up to 4:4:4 chroma and 12-bit colour depth in colour spaces REC 601, 709 & 2020, using JPEG 2000 compression
Half: Ultra-low latency
Ultra-low latency
By running the service over our SMN, we guarantee that you don’t experience streams that lag
Half: Point-to-multipoint solution
Point-to-multipoint solution
‘Pivot’ between endpoints when you need or stream to multiple endpoints at the same time
Half: Studio grade security 2
Studio-grade security
Pivot is independently audited with AES-128 end-to-end encryption with a per-session key
Half: simple to use
Simple to use
Sessions are managed through a simple call management app accessed via a web browser
Full: Fully managed service
Fully managed service
We constantly monitor and maintain the hardware at your sites so they always work as planned

Use Cases

Perform real-time audio reviews with remote collaborators

Pivot offers 16 channels of uncompressed audio and a truly next-level review experience. Users don’t have to worry about downmixing, and nothing gets lost in translation. Composers, sound designers, sound editors and sound-effects artists can all use Pivot to stream frame-accurate footage to remote collaborators and execs in real time – creating a screening room-quality review, at the click of a button.

High-quality VFX shot review

Where quality is crucial, ClearView Pivot provides a high quality remote review tool to stream colour and frame accurate footage to multiple viewers in 4K HDR, enabling projection quality on a 35-foot screen at 4:4:4 colour chroma and 12-bit colour depth for all VFX reviews. {/} By running the service over our Sohonet Media Network, we guarantee that you don’t experience streams that lag and none of your precious work gets lost in translation.

Host remote colour grades with collaborators and clients in real-time

Built with ultra-low latency, make sure directors or DPs never lose a pixel of your picture, ClearView Pivot offers 4K high dynamic range (HDR) with 12-bit colour depth and 4:4:4 chroma sampling for full-colour quality video streaming with ultra-low latency, which is perfect for the colour suite experience while collaborating at a post-production facility. {/} If directors are working from home or on-location, Pivot Lite (a simple add-on to ...

Bring remote participants together for final approval

With ClearView Pivot establish a multi-screening room approach where 2/3 different teams of creatives are watching the content from separate screening rooms in different cities. The editor can play and pause the content, with every screening room seeing exactly the same frame at the same time. Pivot provides 4K HDR with 12-bit colour depth and 4:4:4 chroma sampling – and ultra-low latency for real-time review.


Hassle-free setup, scalable for any production workflows.

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Pivot awarded Engineering Emmy

Sohonet recognsied with an Engineering Emmy for advancing remote collaboration


Global production studio partners

Teams across the world use Pivot to create award-winning content

24 HRS

Saved for every review session

No more testing and configuring kit, or navigating firewall and security issues. Pivot works immediately every time.


Save hundres of thousands on travel costs

Cut down on global travel costs previously required to bring teams together for vita review sessions

Other solutions from the ClearView family

Technical requirements for remote collaboration technologies vary at different stages of production. That’s why Sohonet’s ClearView range has a choice of products designed to meet all the needs of the
full production cycle.

Stream live, encrypted video & audio from any source (edit/ VFX workstation/ camera/ video village) via HDMI, SDI or NDI to up to 40 viewers on tablets, phones, laptops or Apple TV.

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Review dailies, cuts, and other key assets, add mark-ups and make key creative decisions with our secure, near-time review tool.

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