Production WiFi/LAN

Whether you’re looking to securely connect your on-site departments with one another or with your global collaborators, we help you create and customise your local area network, and setup your Wi-Fi across multiple buildings and stages.

Keeping clients connected

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Helping you scope and budget

Our team of experts will help you scope out and budget for exactly what is needed at each stage of your production. {/} Whether you need full stage WiFi coverage built around a set, WiFi for your outdoor mobile units or simple office coverage, and varying levels of bandwidth provisioned for each department - we'll help create a plan for the entire duration your production is on set, so you don’t need to worry about scaling or under budgeting.

24x7 Expert Support

Our highly trained team are on-hand to provide you with technical solutions that match your individual production needs. {/} With 24x7 support and white glove concierge service, with boots on the ground when needed - to ensure critical workflow changes are delivered as quickly as possible, so you can focus on other tasks.

Full: Local Area Network (LAN)
Local Area Network (LAN)
We create and customise your local area network (LAN) to ensure your entire production can collaborate securely
Half:  Network segregation
Network segregation
Create private internal networks for accounts, art, VFX, production and guest. Allocate each of these units varying levels of bandwidth according to requirements
Half : Customisable Wi-Fi
Customisable Wi-Fi
Whether you need full stage coverage, WiFi for your outdoor mobile units or simple office coverage, we have solutions to suit your scale and budget
Half: Wi-Fi segregation
Wi-Fi segregation
Create wireless logins and passwords. These will be activated on all the areas you have WiFi presence – eliminating the need to login repeatedly
Half: Stay in control of your network
Stay in control of your network
Increase, decrease or move your bandwidth between networks as your workflows change and your project scales up and down
Full: Studio-grade security4
Studio-grade security
Our solutions will comply with your production’s security protocols and we provide managed firewalls and video surveillance - giving you peace of mind

Use Cases

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