Network protection tailored to you

We manage, configure, monitor and maintain your firewalls using the best hardware available, including next-gen firewalls with advanced Layer 7 protection. We’re also equipped to configure SSL VPNs and IPSEC VPNs to work with your network’s devices, firewalls and security protocols.

Keeping clients connected

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Fully-managed firewalls

We configure and manage your firewalls, deploying updates using the best hardware available, including next-gen firewalls with advanced Layer 7 protection. As part of our fully-managed firewall service, we also provide constant monitoring and hourly backups of your firewall configurations, and a complete revision history.

Fully-managed VPN

We accommodate your individual security procedures and help you get your remote teams in securely. We’re equipped to configure SSL VPN’s and IPsec VPN’s to work smoothly with your network’s devices, firewalls and security protocols.

"Sohonet has long-standing relationships with studios and networks to develop matching security protocols. This was a big plus for us as IT and security people at the studios were completely aware of Sohonet."

Corey Walton
VP of Post Production {/}Statement Advertising
Full: Flexible
We tailor solutions to your size, budget and needs, leveraging relationships with our key vendors: Fortinet, Juniper and Palo Alto
Half: High-performance- vpn
We work with you to ensure that both your network performance and security are optimised together for best results
Half; Scalable- vpn
Add or upgrade devices as you need them, and change configurations as your security needs evolve
half: Tailored to you- vpn
Tailored to you
Options for Universal Threat Management, Intrusion Detection or Intrusion Prevention, advanced analytics, VPN, network anti-virus, URL or data-filtering
Half: Flexible pricing- vpn
Flexible pricing
Short- and long-term services available to get the best value option for you
Full: Expert advice
Expert advice
24x7 support and white glove concierge service who offer security best-practice and use a carefully-curated selection of equipment from leading vendors

Use Cases

Keep your content secure

Whatever you’re working on, ensure no-one outside your team has access to your content.

Round-the-clock monitoring

Your network never stops, so we monitor your network 24/7 for your peace of mind.

Keep your security up to date

As your vendors combat evolving threats with patches and updates, we evaluate changes and deploy them swiftly.

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What our customers say

Security Assured

Fully managed cybersecurity with 24/7 support


Global production studio partners

We have hundreds of fireawalls under management worldwide and have the resources to configure, maintain and monitor your network

5 Million +

Lines of configuration

All of our security is managed by trained and qualified engineers, taking the load off

Save $

Reduced CAPEX/OPEX costs

Purchasing firewall hardware and licenses (plus operational costs) is pricey. But as a managed service, you only pay a fraction of the price.

Whether you need dedicated internet access, a secure connection to the cloud or you need to create a private network; Multiport is the answer. We’ve combined all these services into one cost effective solution that you can reconfigure, scale and customise throughout your project.

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Your high-speed direct connection to the industry’s major cloud providers. Access a range of remote storage and compute solutions securely from your facilities around the world.

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The largest private fibre network for M&E. The SMN gives you a dedicated, uncontended connection to distributed teams and partners. We install a fibre connection at your location that gives you instant access to all the industry’s key players.

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