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The Sohonet Media Network Connect with over 500 M&E companies and 100,000s storytellers worldwide, on the world’s largest private fibre network for Film, TV & Advertising. By utilising the SMN, individuals can collaborate with their teams and partners across the globe with speed, security and delivery assurance.

Keeping clients connected

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Predictable delivery times and costs

The SMN provides you with a dedicated, uncontended connection to your distributed teams and partners. Guaranteed bandwidth and throughput means you are getting the speeds you purchased every time, making delivery times and expectations easy to manage. Changing endpoints is transparent, so users can quickly and securely connect to multiple collaborators around the globe.

Fully scalable to meet project demands

We know projects come in a cycle of peaks and troughs and no-one wants to invest in bandwidth which they’ll only utilise now and again. {/} Our scalable network and flexible contract terms, provide 24/7 burst capabilities to meet peak project demands and tight deadlines. With seamless, uncontended file transfers, your teams can connect fast and work smoothly, even when data needs are spiking.

“Our VPN is managed by Sohonet. Our firewall services are delivered through Sohonet. I’ve worked with them for many years and I know Sohonet technology is first class”

Darren Woolfson{/}Molinare

24/7 Expert Support

Expert Support Our support team available 24/7/ on phone or email. Phones are answered by support engineers who are highly trained and responsive and 9 times out of 10 will be able to deal with your issues there and then. This is hugely important for when customers need to “burst” their connection quickly or require immediate expert networking guidance.

Full: Streamlined access to your teams and partners
Streamlined access to your teams and partners
Our private network provides direct access to 500+ major media companies worldwide
Half: Speeds and performance guarenteed
Speeds and performance guaranteed
Guaranteed bandwidth, fast response times and zero external contention
Half: Flexible and scalable
Flexible and scalable
Scale your offering with “bursts” to higher bandwidths to accommodate project needs
Half:Reliable connectivity
Reliable connectivity
Ultra-low latency and guaranteed throughput eliminates the congested Internet from your route, ensuring reliable delivery times
Half: Studio-grade network security 3
Studio-grade network security
Firewall, MPLS and VPN offerings and intrusion detection & prevention, network design & support
Full: expert support 2
Expert support
Our experts are on hand 24/7 to help solve wider media workflow problems

Use Cases

Connecting with your offices and partners across town and the globe

Whether you need to move data between your global office locations or to external partners or clients, the Media Network connects all our customers in a community of interest network to enable the seamless flow of content to wherever you need it.

Diverse and resilient networks for business continuity

Connectivity is critical to your business. Whilst Sohonet’s backbone is highly diverse and can withstand fibre breaks, power outages and equipment failovers, we can help you prepare for the unexpected at the local level with diversely routed backup connectivity,

Connecting to the Internet

Ideally you’d keep all data within our secured private network, but in reality there are many services for which you will need high-quality, high-speed Internet connectivity too. We peer with multiple tier 1 Internet providers to provide flexible, uncontended Internet connectivity for the best possible experience.

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What our customers say

25+ Years Experience

We’ve been in the business for over 25 years and understand the unique challenges and pain points M&E teams experience


Global production studio partners

As the industry has grown, so have we. We cover all major global media production hubs across 19 countries and 56 cities


M&E customers globally

We connect 1000+ companies and over 100,000 storytellers worldwide, on the industry's largest private fibre network


2023 Golden Globe-winning titles collaborated on by Sohonet customers

Teams all over the world create award-winning content by collaborating through the Sohonet Media Network

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