The high-speed file transfer tool designed for creatives

An easy-to-use file transfer tool built to support creative workflows. Share files of unlimited size through the browser at blazing speed, with no plug-ins, software or server installs - at an affordable price.

Keeping clients connected

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FileRunner is designed to work with your existing workflow and toolsets. It uses multithreaded parallel TCP uploads which maximises the throughput of your available bandwidth no matter what you’re sending. Whether you’re transferring directories of frame sequences or large, individual files, we’ve got you covered.


Getting your team set up on FileRunner is fast and simple. There’s nothing to download or install on your machine to get started, and no expensive server installs to invest in: all you need is a web browser and a basic internet connection. It’s simple to use, so most users won’t require any training at all.

“We explored the options really carefully for security reasons. All the major studios are understandably super conscious of confidentiality. Gentle Giant is Marvel and Disney-approved because of the way we have set up our cloud-based storage and delivery systems”

Kim Lavery
Global Executive Producer{/}Gentle Giant Studios

Cost Effective

Our pricing models are simple and flexible and designed to match natural ebb and flow of projects. FileRunner has be can be deployed for as little as three months, so you don't have to over invest in tools that will sit idle.

Full: unlimited usage
Unlimited usage
Send heavy HDR videos or VR files to as many people and places as you need, there are no usage caps or storage limitations.
Half: Studio-grade security 4
Studio-grade security
Fully encrypted transfers, audit logs, reporting and 2FA options. The only file transfer service on a dedicated private network
Half: Automated distribution
Automated distribution
Automation tools for programmatic transfers to up your productivity and keep your data flowing
Half: Data traceability
Data traceability
Your data is hosted on Sohonet-owned disks, so we know where your data is at all times
Half: Set up in under 3 minutes
Set up in under 3 minutes
Get users & collaborators set up, no explanation required, in under 3 minutes
Full: Fully supported and managed
Fully supported and managed
24x7 support & white-glove concierge service on-hand to provide unmatched support. Plus you get assigned a dedicated customer success manager

Use Cases

Speeding up the production workflow

Distribute files of unlimited size to your global clients and partners quickly and seamlessly. And with auto-download application for Mac OS and a CLI tool for programmatic transfers you can keep up your productivity and keep your data flowing.

Easy to use

With most other file transfer tools you have to instal server/software/plugins. FileRunner gives your team an easy way to transfer large files easily without installing a server, or having IT support on hand. You only need a standard web browser. It’s as easy as sending an email.

Minimise costs

Securely deliver digital content between clients and partners without large CAPEX costs. With FileRunner, there's no need to pay for a server, just a monthly cost, easily upgraded to match your project demands.


Rapid onboarding. Fuss-free installation.

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Every major studio is utilising Sohonet's toolkit today

Revolutionising the way content is created by making collaboration seamless

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Global production studio partners

When software is as simple as thism you can get users set up with no training required

Unlimited file sizes

File transfer really is unlimited. Sharing heavy HDR videos or VR files is no problem at all

Unlimited usage

Send files to as many people and places as you need, there are no usage caps or storage limitations

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