High-speed direct connectivity to the cloud

Gain high-speed, direct, and flexible access to AWS securely from your facilities around the world with Sohonet FastLane.

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Reliable connection to AWS

Sohonet, a global AWS Direct Connect partner, provides network services and technical support for media teams choosing to enhance their operations on AWS. We facilitate secure network connections between AWS Direct Connect locations and your global facilities, enabling direct data transfer without relying on the internet.

Flexible & scalable

Whilst Telcos offer fixed, contracted connection speeds that can’t be changed mid-term, FastLane provides media teams with a flexible, low-latency solution to deliver resource-intense cloud compute workflows with granular control and studio-grade security. (i.e. VFX rendering, virtual workstations,transcoding, processing etc).

Offering “burstable” connectivity, customers can utilise FastLane and the cloud as and when they need to.


24/7 support

Our highly trained support engineers are on-hand 24/7 to deal with your queries via phone or email

Control over privacy and security

Skip the risk of the open internet and connect directly to AWS, giving you full control over your data

Scalable connectivity

Increase or decrease bandwidth as your project requires, and hit speeds as high as 100Gbit/s when needed

Ultra low latency

Skip the risk of the open internet and connect directly to the cloud, giving you full control over your data

Flexible pricing model

Minimise cloud egress charges and pay for what you use, so you can bid on projects freely

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