Tap into Amazon Web Services Direct Connect with Sohonet

Connect directly to the AWS Cloud with Sohonet FastLane

Sohonet FastLane serves as a direct connection from media facilities worldwide to the AWS cloud, offering media teams with a secure, reliable and flexible high-speed conduit to a range of remote compute and storage solutions.

It provides a strategic capability to companies that need flexible, low-latency delivery of highly resource-intensive cloud computing workflows (i.e. Virtual workstations, VFX rendering, transcoding, processing, etc.) with studio-grade security and immediate scalability.

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Our Approach to AWS


The AWS Direct Connect service offers dedicated connectivity at speeds ranging from 50mbit/s to over 10GBit/s, providing a flexible and reliable transfer rate to your AWS service, negating the uncertainties of Internet transfer and providing significant savings on data egress charges.

Using Sohonet’s expertise in global network connectivity you can connect your remote cloud services to a single site, multiple sites or to multiple AWS services across the globe.

Sohonet’s offering leverages its existing infrastructure to provide a cost-effective solution for all Sohonet clients. Customers can expect a saving in transfer rates of up to 85%, with a flat rate, independent of scale, for all outbound transfers.

Low Latency
Cost Effective
Reliable Transfer Rates
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Case Studies & Workshops

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