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5 Tips to Streamline Your Next Production: 3) Preparing to Shoot

Olivia Broadley
May 28, 2024
5 min read

As we delve into our series on streamlining your production workflows, we focus on pre-shoot organisation. Careful planning and infrastructure assessment are crucial here for a seamless shooting experience. And getting your tech setup right is key. From network capabilities to bandwidth allocation, WiFi coverage, and communication systems, each component facilitates efficient collaboration and productivity on set.

The Challenge

You are also not a static organisation. Plans and schedules change – and more so now than ever. You may take a stage or building early or move the entire production forward or back. Your team of 2-3 may ramp up to 300 at the peak of shooting and then as you near a wrap, you’re back to just a skeleton crew again. Having solutions that are flexible and that grow and shrink as quickly as your production does is key. 

The Fix 

Enter Sohonet, offering flexible solutions and pricing models tailored to your needs. Whether you require long or short-term contracts, we've got you covered. During peak production, we can 'burst' your connection to accommodate the growing user base on-site. Conversely, as production winds down, we can scale down your bandwidth, eliminating the need for excessive investment in unused resources. With our services, you'll benefit from white glove concierge assistance, on-site support, and lightning-fast response times.

Local Area Network (LAN)

-Customised solutions to suit your needs

-Seamless collaboration across site locations and with global partners

-Studio-grade security measures for data protection

Network Segregation

-Establish private internal networks for different departments (accounts, art department, VFX)

-Allocate bandwidth levels according to specific needs


-Scalable internet solutions that adjust to evolving demands

-Comprehensive scoping and design to determine required bandwidth at each production stage


-Swift setup of production phones, including desktop sets and video conferencing capabilities


-Tailored WiFi solutions scoped by our expert team to match your production scale

-Coverage across base camps, offices, mobile units, stages, workshops, and outdoor areas

-Individual department logins for enhanced security and organisation

From infrastructure assessment to seamless connectivity and expert support, trust Sohonet to streamline your workflow and help you achieve success on set. Explore further services from Sohonet such as ClearView Rush, our dailies editing software or our managed firewall services among others Get in touch with one of our production experts today. 

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