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5 Tips to Streamline Your Next Production: 4) Minimise the need for reshoots

Olivia Broadley
Jun 3, 2024
5 min read

In this blog series, Sohonet dives into the key stages of the production workflow. From setting up your production office to seamlessly sharing content with post-production pipelines, each instalment will offer practical tips and expert insights to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

In this blog we look at how teams can minimise the need for reshoots and save time and budget. 

Split units

As pressure mounts on production teams to meet deadlines and budgets, the use of parallel filming units is on the rise. Producers and tech leaders face the challenge of coordinating seamlessly across multiple sites. Inconsistent lighting, composition, and camera settings can lead to continuity issues, driving up post-production costs or necessitating reshoots. Effective communication among split units and stakeholders is crucial to deliver seamless footage

Using over-the-shoulder collaboration tools to share live footage straight from the second unit camera with the main unit director and DP for real-time review bridges the gap between teams and helps maintain continuity. Similarly, second-unit directors could also review shots from the first-unit DP and provide their crew with a reference point to ensure their sequences stay in line with existing scenes.

ClearView Flex, the video collaboration software ensures the production maintains a consistent look and feel. Sohonet can deliver a Flexbox to your shooting location, where the DIT can connect it to the video-assist equipment or loop out via SDI from one of the video village monitors. Then, simply connect it to the internet and invite the second unit crew to view footage in real-time—via tablet, laptop, phone, or Apple TV.

Off-set creatives

Misalignment between on-set and off-set teams can lead to storytelling compromises, continuity fails, and ultimately producing a narrative that doesn’t make sense. And poor alignment between principal photography and post-production can lead to re-shoots and pickups. For this seamless collaboration to happen, creatives must review early assemblies to ensure their vision is being translated and post-production teams must provide feedback on any missing shots or coverage. With teams scattered across different locations, communication is key.

You need a collaboration toolkit that enables studio teams and off-set stakeholders to stay connected with the production creatives. Whether they need to easily review dailies in their own time or view footage together in real-time and collaborate over details, you need to provide secure and seamless offline and real-time viewing options to suit both use cases.

ClearView Rush, our dailies editing software streamlines the dailies review process, providing a secure and near-time review tool for essential production assets. Integrated into your studio workflow, easily review, markup and feedback on dailies, in your own time, from any device (including browser, iOS or Apple TV). 

With ClearView Flex off-set creatives can provide instant feedback to those on set and see the changes happen immediately. Live content is easily viewable on any internet-connected device with no extra equipment at the viewer’s end. Both tools provide studio-grade security & and 24x7 support.

Explore the production services Sohonet offers such as the production phones or FileRunner, our automated file transfer software among others. Contact us for more information!

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