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5 Tips to Streamline Your Next Production: 5) Sharing with Editorial and Visual Effects Pipelines

Olivia Broadley
Jun 12, 2024
5 min read

In the final instalment of our series on streamlining production workflows, we transition into post-production. With heightened time and budget concerns, there's pressure to nail shots on the first take and ensure on-set captures align with post-production needs.

The challenge 

For this seamless collaboration to happen, creatives must review early assemblies to ensure their vision is being translated and post-production teams must provide feedback on any missing shots or coverage. With teams scattered across different locations, communication is key. As post-production often overlaps with principal photography, it can be helpful for editorial and VFX teams to push footage back to the on-set teams to make sure everyone is aligned creatively. 

The Fix 

You need a collaboration toolkit that enables studio teams and off-set stakeholders to stay connected with the production creatives -- ensuring everyone remains aligned on vision -- no matter their location or schedule. Whether sharing files, reviewing dailies at their own pace, or collaborating in real-time over footage, provide secure and seamless tools to support all use cases.


Sohonet works closely with the production to assess bandwidth needs. Key considerations include the amount of camera footage expected each day and workflow specifics. Does the production plan to send 5 TB of RAW footage nightly, or will they locally transcode for a high-resolution proxy? Most productions have an 8-hour overnight window to get their content from the sound stage back to a central location for dissemination to VFX and post partners. That’s roughly 300 Mbps of network capacity for every TB being sent overnight, so you’ll need the capabilities to handle this.  

Dailies review

ClearView Rush, Sohonet’s dailies editing software streamlines the dailies review process, providing a secure and near-time review tool for essential production assets. Integrated into your studio workflow, easily review, markup and feedback on dailies, in your own time, from any device (including browser, iOS or Apple TV).

File transfer

Large productions will often install local servers with Aspera or Signiant to manage the transfer workflows into the studio’s backend infrastructure, but these tools are not only expensive but resource heavy - with IT support required to help them run.  Choose a cost-effective and user-friendly automated file transfer tool like Sohonet's FileRunner. Designed for production workflows, it provides a simple interface, efficient use of local bandwidth, and a 24x7 concierge model for user support.

Real-time review

With ClearView Flex, our video collaboration software​ off-set creatives can provide instant feedback to those on set and see the changes happen immediately. Live content is easily viewable on any internet-connected device with no extra equipment at the viewer’s end. Both tools provide studio-grade security & and 24x7 support.

Explore the service offerings from Sohonet such as production phones or our managed firewall services among others. Get in touch with one of our production experts today!

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