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ClearView Flex now integrates with Pomfort’s on-set playback system, Reeltime Pro!

Olivia Broadley
May 20, 2024
5 min read

Introducing the latest integration between ClearView Flex and Pomfort’s cutting-edge on-set playback system, Reeltime Pro! This collaboration opens up a realm of possibilities for film crews, facilitating seamless remote collaboration like never before.

With Reeltime Pro version 1.1, hardware-based internet streaming is now possible for users. Film crews can effortlessly stream live and playback video signals from the set to collaborators worldwide, facilitating instant feedback regardless of geographic location. What's more, industry-standard encryption ensures the utmost security for your production at all times.

With this powerful integration, ClearView Flex and Reeltime Pro are revolutionising on-set collaboration, bringing together teams from around the globe with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

What is Reeltime Pro?

Reeltime Pro provides professional on-set video playback in film productions. Crafted to balance both simplicity and functionality, it empowers playback operators to tackle the multi-faceted challenges of providing instant video feedback to all creative roles on set. Its innovative slot concept allows for quick interaction for all common use cases but offers a multitude of configurations and routing options under the hood. It leverages the powerful Apple silicon processors, rendering it a dependable workhorse in demanding production environments.

Keen to learn more about Reeltime Pro’s internet streaming capabilities? Dive deeper into the details here: Reeltime Pro What's New.

Ready to set up an internet stream with Reeltime Pro and ClearView Flex? Check out this comprehensive guide for step-by-step instructions: Setting Up a Hardware-Based Internet Stream with ClearView Flex.

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