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Introducing ClearView Flex on VMWare: Unlocking a New Era of Flexibility and Scalability

Jon Walkenhorst, CPO, Sohonet
Oct 25, 2023
5 min read

We're thrilled to announce the latest update for ClearView Flex is now live! Unlock the ability to deploy virtual Flexboxes in VMWare. Flex on VMWare allows you to purchase licences and self-provision virtual Flexboxes on-demand with the same features and performance as a physical Flexbox.

Key Takeaways:

More Flexibility & Scalability: ClearView Flex on VMware allows you to effortlessly deploy virtual Flexboxes within your existing virtual hypervisor environment, eliminating the need for additional physical hardware. It's exclusively designed to support NDI feeds, reducing the overhead associated with physical hardware and enabling you to scale your collaboration efforts as your needs evolve.

Same Performance & Security: Experience the same comprehensive features and low latency as the physical Flexbox. ClearView Flex on VMware inherits the trusted security features of its physical counterpart, offering encrypted and secure streaming to protect your valuable content.

Solving Real-World Problems: ClearView Flex on VMware addresses several critical challenges faced by media professionals:

Physical Space and Aesthetic/Noise Concerns: For clients seeking a streamlined, space-efficient solution, the mandatory use of physical Flexboxes presented challenges. Now, with ClearView Flex on VMware, you can enjoy the same capabilities without the need for dedicated physical space.

Intermittent Usage Needs: Not all customers require a Flexbox throughout the year, but they may need one for specific projects. ClearView Flex on VMware allows you to swiftly set up and tear down a virtual Flexbox as needed, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Inefficiency in Deployment and Utilisation: Scaling physical Flexboxes can be cumbersome, especially when rapid or temporary setups are necessary. ClearView Flex on VMware streamlines deployment and utilisation, ensuring you can quickly deploy virtual Flexboxes on existing VMware hypervisors.

The Solution:

ClearView Flex on VMware offers a seamless solution:

Purchasable Licences: Customers can purchase virtual licences, created by our Support/Ops team.

Self-Managed Provisioning: Activate licences at your convenience and provision virtual Flexboxes independently.

No Additional Hardware: Virtual Flexboxes are provisioned on your existing hypervisor, eliminating the need for extra physical equipment.

Delete and Reuse Licences On-Demand: Enjoy the flexibility to delete virtual Flexboxes and deactivate licences when needed, reactivating them at a different date or location.

ClearView Flex on VMware represents a significant leap forward in media collaboration, offering the freedom, scalability, and performance you need to excel in today's dynamic media landscape. Embrace the future of flexibility and scalability with ClearView Flex on VMware. Flex on!

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