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Sohonet Announces ClearView Flex Availability on AWS, Empowering Seamless Media Collaboration from the Cloud

Olivia Broadley
Mar 8, 2024
5 min read

Sohonet, the global experts in media collaboration, have announced that their Emmy®-winning real-time review tool, ClearView Flex, is now available
on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The availability of ClearView Flex is a powerful advantage for those creative teams that can now seamlessly stream content from AWS workstations via an Amazon Machine Image (AMI). This advancement enables productions with ClearView Flex to operate on a virtual machine, all while delivering the same exceptional performance and security delivered by Sohonet. Jon Walkenhorst, Chief Product Officer at Sohonet commented, “The introduction of ClearView Flex on AWS presents even greater flexibility for our customers, enabling them to determine how they manage their workflows. Expanding the ability to work easily and freely is bedrock for Sohonet. We are consistent in our focus on putting powerful tools - in any setting - into the hands of our users. Customers that have already done so, or are looking to migrate to AWS, will be able to experience the same exceptional performance and security they’ve come to expect from ClearView Flex, in a cloud-based environment.” Jeff Drury, Director of Technology at Carbon/ Whitehouse Post said, “Sohonet’s ClearView Flex on AWS combines low latency, quality image and ease of use for a cloud-based real-time collaboration solution that works across our creative studios”.

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About Sohonet
Sohonet connects storytellers across the production process from pre-visualization to post-production and distribution. Our Emmy Award-winning technology enhances content creation by enabling secure and seamless collaboration. Every year, Sohonet supports thousands of film and TV productions with essential on-set communication services, across 300 premium soundstages, while providing near real-time access for post-production and VFX providers. Our toolkit, including remote collaboration, file transfer, and asset management, along with our private media network, empowers creatives to work together as if in the same room, regardless of distance. At the very core of our services is an unrivalled dedication to a deep understanding of our customers' ,workflows, fostering effortless collaboration among creatives worldwide.

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