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Sohonet releases NDI for ClearView Flex

Ameena Adil
Jun 20, 2023
5 min read

Jon Walkenhorst, Chief Product Officer, Sohonet

This latest release for ClearView Flex enables NDI as an input source for streaming a session

We are happy to announce that we have released our latest update to ClearView Flex, which allows customers with NDI infrastructure in their facilities to use the Flex service without needing an additional device to convert the input type (i.e. BirdDog SDI <–> NDI).

Sohonet ClearView Flex

NDI stands for network device interface and is a software-based streaming specification that enables high-quality frame-accurate video to be delivered via a network connection.  

With our announcement this week, ClearView Flex will now support inputs via NDI, SDI, and HDMI and will continue to offer the highest possible HDR and HD live collaboration streaming to all participants regardless of location and connectivity type.   With this release, we now offer NDI support for all major streamers and non-linear editors (NLEs), including AVID, Premier, and Flame.

Sohonet ClearView Flex

NDI introduces the following benefits:

  • No more SDI or HDMI cables going bad or intermittent connectivity
  • Allows IT teams to consolidate any physical ClearView Flex boxes into a central location, such as a server room, and out of offices and quiet spaces
  • Enabling customers such as rental houses and facilities where creatives may share office space to more easily connect to centrally located Flex boxes
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for costly upgrades to SDI switching infrastructure, cable issues, etc
  • Support for VMware and cloud-based streamers (both coming this year)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team, your account manager, or our customer success team.  We would be happy to walk you through NDI configuration and help you more effectively manage your projects.

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