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Sohonet's IBC 2023: Show Recap

Olivia Broadley
Sep 21, 2023
5 min read

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us at IBC this year, whether that was at our booth or at our boat party. It was a pleasure connecting with so many of our amazing customers and partners. The conversations and interactions we had were both inspiring and enlightening, reinforcing our commitment to serving your needs and we're excited about the future and the continued journey of creative collaboration in the media industry!

Product Highlights

This year's show was an opportunity to showcase a series of noteworthy product updates, all aimed at enhancing collaboration workflows in the constantly evolving world of media creation.

If you missed the chance to catch up with us at the event or couldn't make it this year, let's take a closer look at the core of our showcase: these innovative product updates.

Clear View Rush: At the heart of our showcase was ClearView Rush, a secure and user-friendly collaboration tool tailored for the review of dailies, cuts, and essential production assets by Studio teams. ClearView Rush represents a significant stride in the ongoing integration, redesign, and evolution of the assets we acquired through our recent partnership with 5th Kind. Book Demo

FileRunner: We were excited to present the enhanced and re-engineered version of our file transfer app, FileRunner, at IBC. This substantial transformation brings accelerated transfer speeds, advanced remote monitoring, and robust recovery mechanisms to the table. These enhancements guarantee the swift and secure movement of files, even in the face of demanding network conditions. Book demo

ClearView Pivot Pro: This tier offers groundbreaking streaming with speeds of 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps for SDI-quality reviews, supporting up to 10 remote viewing locations on the Sohonet Media Network.

ClearView Pivot Lite: Ideal for view-only Pivot reviews, it works from home or over the internet, requiring as little as 100 Mbps for 2K and 150 Mbps for 4K reviews.

ClearView Pivot Starter: This introduces an "off-net" capability, allowing secure streams up to 150 Mbps for up to five viewing locations over the public internet, offering teams the freedom to collaborate from any location. Book demo

ClearView Flex: We showcased improvements to our Emmy® Award-winning real-time remote collaboration platform, ClearView Flex. These enhancements include elevated chroma support of 8-bit 4:4:4 and 10-bit 4:2:2 enhancing the visual experience for viewers.

Additionally, we demonstrated support for workflows within Microsoft's Azure Cloud environment (in Beta) and VMWare (at GA) for both public and private cloud-based workflows during the show. Book demo

Storylink: We also offered a sneak preview of Storylink, our production asset management platform. It's designed for studio-scale workflows and represents a complete redesign and evolution of 5th Kind’s CORE product. Storylink empowers teams to search, exchange, and discover assets through intuitive tool sets that adapt to how different teams across a studio work together. Book demo

Missed the Event? Get in Touch!

For those who couldn't attend IBC or missed the boat party, Sohonet welcomes you to reach out and book a one-on-one demo to explore their product updates of interest. Whether it's ClearView Rush, FileRunner, ClearView Pivot, ClearView Flex, or Storylink, we’re ready to provide you with a closer look!

Sohonet's CEO, Chuck Parker, summed it up: "We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in creative collaboration. The product updates showcased at IBC 2023 continue to redefine collaboration and empower professionals with enhanced efficiency and security."

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