Bring remote participants together for final approval 

Gathering key stakeholders (director, DP, post and VFX supers, colourist, editor, execs) to provide final, valuable feedback is key. This used to happen in a darkened screening room, but with hybrid working models now standard practice, you need the tools to build a ‘critical quality review’ experience from anywhere. ClearView provides the highest quality viewing experience for remote storytellers.

Keeping clients connected

High-quality remote review with ClearView Pivot

With ClearView Pivot establish a multi-screening room approach where 2/3 different teams of creatives are watching the content from separate screening rooms in different cities.  The editor can play and pause the content, with every screening room seeing exactly the same frame at the same time. 

Pivot provides 4K HDR with 12-bit colour depth and 4:4:4 chroma sampling – and ultra-low latency for real-time review. To achieve the viewing experience needed for critical quality review, users will need to be at a facility, screening room, edit or colour suite, connected to Sohonet’s Media Network

Flexible Remote Review with ClearView Flex

If individuals can’t make it into a facility, or you’re working through localisation/ dubbing/ subtitling tasks, ClearView Flex provides a flexible, on-the-move solution. Flex also has much lower bandwidth requirements.

With Flex, the artist can securely stream content from their workstation to the client on an AppleTV connected to a high-grade TV, tablet, phone or PC. Then they can review shots together securely and in real time.

Split the video output from the creative workstation between Pivot and Flex infrastructure, to incorporate creatives who cannot make it to a screening room. This way everyone can see playback in real-time, from whatever setup they have. 

Making collaboration seamless and more secure

Sohonet connects key stakeholders in the media and entertainment industry by giving them the tools and technologies to conduct critical reviews and final approval wherever they are. We help leading studios to bring together everyone from editors to execs, through a suite of solutions built on the backbone of the Sohonet Media Network – the industry’s largest and most reliable private network.

Powerful tools

Designed to deliver a high quality, frame-accurate ‘over-the-shoulder’ reviewing experience, but simple enough for anyone to use straight from the box.


Sohonet’s ClearView Flex has won a number of awards, including an Engineering Emmy for advancing remote collaboration.

Studio-grade security

With end-to-end encryption, Sohonet’s security features are independently audited to ensure that your pre-release content is in safe hands.

“It’s not uncommon today to have a project being worked on in Montreal, London and Bangalore with teams contributing to different parts of the project. Tools like Clear View Flex and Pivot help facilitate that and give you options to provide to a director or senior craft talent unable to spend 10 months of the year locally in our office. ”

Elliot Newman / VFX supervisor, MPC Film & Episodic

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