Host editorial reviews with remote collaborators and clients in real-time

Work is increasingly split between cutting rooms – you need input from the director to shape your work and you need to keep everyone else informed of how the edit’s going. ClearView provides a seamless ‘over-the-shoulder’ review experience for remote storytellers who need to collaborate in real time.

Keeping clients connected

Flexible Remote Review with ClearView Flex

Clearview Flex provides editors with a user-friendly tool to stream live, encrypted content with sub-100ms of latency from any source via HDMI or SDI to up to 30 viewers on tablets, phones, laptops or Apple TV.

Where the location makes wired connectivity a problem, Flex eFlex allows editors to easily switch between sharing the output of their edit session via SDI, (frame/ colour accurate output), and sharing their desktop via HDMI. This allows them to share their edit software, complete with timeline, bins/media libraries and source viewer for a collaborative editing experience.

Zero lag with rock-solid performance

If you’re trying to show someone a fast-paced edit sequence, you don’t want dropped frames or network issues to get in the way. Flex is designed to work with ultra-low latency even with low bandwidth availability, so you get rock-solid performance and playback and the pace of their cut isn’t lost.

It prioritises sync between all screens so whatever anyone’s bandwidth, you can guarantee you’re all looking at the same thing at the same time. Any issues? There are experts on hand 24/7 to help.

“I’ve used many different real-time streaming devices over the last decade to collaborate with directors and producers remotely, and by far the most painful part of the setup process is helping a director or producer install whatever equipment is necessary to see my feed on their end in real time. Sohonet has this process wired. They nailed it.”

Zack Arnold / ACE Editor

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