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Remote, real-time collaboration anywhere on any device

Staying connected can be a real challenge...

Sometimes, your job means being in three places at once.

Until you can teleport, this is the next best thing.

We know you really wanted to be there for that review or editing session, but work and life on-the-go isn’t always as convenient as we’d like. As a result, productions can often come to a grinding halt when the right person isn’t in the right place at the right time.

Scattered Talent & Teams

Key members of your production and post-production teams are increasingly scattered across continents and oceans.

Everyday Life Keeps you “On-the-Go”

Your personal and professional life will can take you anywhere — but what do you do when an urgent matter with your production arises?

Real-Time Review

There are a number of ways to share content with others for review, but very view which allow you to share content to remote views in sync with the original source.

Content Security

With so many collaborators and prying eyes, moving your precious content both quickly AND securely is challenging.

Traditional, consumer-grade video conferencing grade tools simply don’t meet the performance or security needs of sophisticated Media & Entertainment projects.

Or course, you could consider building your own solution for directly streaming from your edit bay to the outside world. But that type of CAPEX-heavy work is not well-suited to a project-based business.

welcome to the party, pal

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ClearView Flex: Remote Collaboration, redefined

Sure, ClearView HD may be the most powerful and secure remote collaboration solution available, but sometimes that isn’t enough. So when you need fast review and approval, ClearView Flex provides the necessary secure, high-quality real-time streaming from a dedicated video source. You can even use it along-side ClearView HD to allow remote viewers to watch a ClearView HD session in real-time.

ClearView Flex enables key creatives and production executives to view a live, encrypted video stream in real-time, on your mobile device or PC, from anywhere–without getting on a plane. (Peanuts not included.)

Collaborate anywhere, anytime

Tap into a live session through any standard internet connection

Use your PC or mobile device

All you need is a browser.

Maintain Security

Encrypted streams are provided through a secure link, with a unique session ID burned into each stream


Supports 1080p, with ultra-low latency (approximately 2 frames plus the speed of light)


Streaming sessions can support up to 20 simultaneous viewers


CAPEX-Free, Fully-Managed Service with 24/7 Global Support

Features overview

  • View a session from anywhere via PC, Tablet or Mobile
  • Works stand-alone or with one or two-ended ClearView HD configurations
  • Streaming Video is encrypted and streamed from the private Sohonet 
Media Network
  • User management UI and secure video players included
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Who Uses ClearView Flex

Selected case study

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Goldcrest Films: Global Collaboration through Remote Real-Time Review

Using both ClearView Flex and ClearView HD to streamline operations and reduce travel costs

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Learn more about what you can do with ClearView Flex and how it works

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