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Real-time, high quality, multi-point review sessions that just work
Explore new depths of colour
Share pixel-perfect footage when you collaborate with ClearView Pivot

Share colour & frame accurate footage in 4K HDR

Get the quality of review you’d expect in the grading suite from your remote review session

We’ve been connecting storytellers for over 20 years, designing cutting-edge solutions to help connect the storytellers of this world. Now, with ClearView Pivot, we can provide you with a high-quality, hassle free and secure solution for remote screening, colour grading and finishing review and approvals. 

Stream colour and frame-accurate footage, at the click of a button, in 4k HDR with 12-bit colour depth and 4:4:4 chroma sampling in real-time with ultra-low latency provided by our SMN connection. Users are able to connect or switch multiple endpoints from a single web interface, removing the labour and time-intensive task of setting up new firewall configurations each time as well as enabling multi-point review sessions. 

Key Use Cases

Colour grading

Pivot is perfect for remote colour review as there is no loss in depth and clarity of colour. We are able to support up to 4:4:4 (12-bit) in your desired colour space so that, as long as your monitors are calibrated at both ends, you can ensure all your team  have exactly the same experience as they would in the grading suite. 

VFX Review

Image quality is of paramount importance when reviewing VFX shots. With high-quality JPEG 2000 compression and uncontended, high-speed bandwidth to ensure you experience minimal packet loss or jitter, even when reviewing across continents, you can ensure none of your artists’ work is lost in translation.

Audio Review & Mixing

With 16 channels of audio, Pivot can be used for audio review and mixing. Composers, sound designers, sound editors and sound-effects artists can all use Pivot to review their work with other crew members and execs in real-time.

Finishing review & approvals

At the end of Post, when VFX, colour and sound are complete, you’re ready for a final sign off before finalising your DCP. Pivot provides a solution to complete the review when your execs can’t all be in the same place, without compromising the quality of a single frame.

Why Pivot?

High Quality

ClearView Pivot offers High Dynamic Range Colour Grading in 4K at full color quality over our uncontended private Media Network which is simply unavailable in any other form over the public internet without extreme compression. 


Other solutions on the market are hardware products sold into post and VFX community, requiring the post / VFX house and the distribution studio to do the heavy lifting of navigating firewall and security issues, and performing a “solution check” before each session as a means to ensure it will work. ClearView Pivot works immediately everytime and as a point-to-multipoint solution you can ‘pivot’ easily from one end point to the next to collaborate with multiple people at the click of a button. 

Studio Grade Security

ClearView Pivot is the only integrated solution that has been approved by ISE in the market, providing an encrypted stream between every end-point every time, and has an auditable usage trail for every session.  By definition, the implementation of a product with a “one-off” network solution performed by a different team of engineers for every production is inherently less secure.

Key Features

Super High-Quality Stream

Supports 2K, UHD, 4K video formats, up to 4:4:4 chroma and 12-bit colour depth in colour spaces REC 601, 709 & 2020. Stream is compressed with high-quality JPEG 2000 compression.

The quality of your input is not lost in our encode and streaming process ensuring that you are always getting the best viewing experience and that everyone on a call is viewing the same thing at all times. You can happily use  Pivot for colour grading and VFX review without worrying that your precious content is lost in translation.

Ultra-Low Latency Guaranteed With Sohonet Media Network

Traditional streaming hardware products suffer when they run over the Internet due to packet contention and loss on the network. By running the service over our SMN, we can guarantee that latency is not an issue and ensure that our real-time solution really is in ‘real-time’

Point-To-Multipoint Solution

With other hardware streaming products, a point-to-point connection is required between encoder and decoder which needs to be setup and tested before any streaming session. With Pivot you connect your Pivotbox to our network once and we can connect you with your collaborator’s Pivotbox with a simple setup on our end.  After this one-time setup you’re ready to go with a few clicks on the call management app allowing you to ‘pivot’ between endpoints as and when you need or even stream to multiple endpoints at the same time.

Studio Grade Security & End-to-End Encryption

There’s no need to take our word for it that your assets are secure.  We are independently audited with a regular review cycle to ensure every new feature and update added to the service passes the strict security policies of our studio customers’ infosec teams.

AES-128 End-to-End encryption with a per-session key. With  Pivot your valuable pre-release content is in very safe hands. Streaming encrypted data over our private network means there’s no need for the risk of uploading and storing your critical assets on publicly accessed cloud storage accounts as you do with offline review and approve  workflows. 

Simple To Use Web-Based Call Management App

Sessions are managed through a very simple-to-use call management app accessed via a web browser. Setting up a ‘call’ is as simple as selecting the Pivotbox you are streaming from, selecting an end user and waiting for them to answer the call on their side,  No technical expertise are required. 

Managed Service

As a service, we aren’t selling you hardware at enormous expense to your CAPEX budgets and leaving you to it. As an ongoing service we constantly monitor and maintain the Pivotboxes at your sites and make sure they are always on and ready to go. 

We will continue to provide updates and feature improvements as part of our development cycles to make sure we are adapting to the industry’s changing needs. 

ClearView Pivot Lite

A receive-only option for Pivot review sessions

The Pivot Lite hardware offers a receive-only option for Pivot review sessions, which can be run over an Internet connection. Pivot Lite sessions benefit from all the same high-quality features as a standard Pivot call but with a lower bandwidth requirement. Requiring as little as 100 mbps for 2K reviews and 150 mbps for 4k reviews, Pivot Lite is perfect for those joining from home.

Special Offer

Our special offer to help creatives continue working from home. This pricing is valid through September 30th
Annual Maintenance Fee* $6000 £4800
Monthly cost per Pivotbox
12 month contract
$1300 £1001
Monthly cost per Pivotbox:
Short-term contract (min. 3 months)
$1560 £1201
*Pricing includes longhaul connectivity but an existing SMN connection at each Pivot connected site is required at an additional cost, POA

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Real-time, high-quality multi-point remote review that “just works”

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