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A continuing legacy of empowering artists & technologists to create tremendous works together

Sohonet’s network connectivity and cloud services were purpose-built from Day 1 to solve the particular challenges faced by Media & Entertainment professionals. Understanding the special circumstances of the M&E sector, we have built our services, infrastructure and support with a “media first” mindset. That’s why leading global M&E companies—from the big studios to post-production house and VFX shops—have counted on us for over 20 years to knowledgeably serve creative technological solutions to fit their needs.

Film & TV Production

Productions aren't as simple as they used to be.

The backlot has expanded across the entire globe — physically and virtually.

From the first shot to the final cut, productions generate and move increasingly more original footage and digital assets to diffuse collaborators and sites around the globe. We’re here to help with every step along the way.

Production use cases

How we can help

Connecting global productions

Your shooting locations, talent & partners are all over the planet — bringing them closer together keeps productions on schedule.

Streamline the movement of production assets

Need to move large volumes of, say, original camera footage quickly AND securely to your collaborators in post? Fear not: you have options other than the overnight courier service.

Enable true remote, real-time collaboration

Whether your colleagues are on the other side of the planet or “on-the-go”, get consensus fast and keep productions moving along without skipping a beat.

Work with the world's top production facilities

Tap into a trusted network infrastructure that is wired up and ready to use at the world’s finest film studios and production campuses.

Flexible-term contracts for networking solutions

By opting to use a “Network-as-a-Service”, productions can stay connected to a heavy-duty network for as long or short a time as needed (without investing in the overhead of building it themselves).

Keep it secret, keep it safe

With so many teams and fast moving parts, it may feel like wizards and magic are needed to ensure the security of your precious content.

Post-Production & Media Services

A proven legacy of serving Post-Production with innovative problem solving

We know the ins-and-outs of post.

This company was originally started as a collaborative effort between Soho-based post-production companies. Born out of the frustrating technical challenges presented by file transfer and collaboration with many stakeholders, Sohonet’s original network and technology was created to enable secure and high-speed transfer of critical content, all in a manner that had not been possible before.

Since those early days, we have held steadfast to our mission of continuous innovate to deliver new solutions to post production houses worldwide.

Post Production use cases

How we can help

Seamless connection to clients and collaborators

In the world of post, you are constantly to juggle multiple projects with a wide variety of clients and collaboration partners — so direct and efficient lines of connection are key.

Moving big files around

You are pushing the limit when it comes to quantity and quality with the production assets you need to move around. Degrading files isn’t an option and cutting up production assets isn’t ideal, so perhaps there is another way…

Growing your network on-demand

You are moving lots of big files between lots of parties to meet deadlines. Sometimes, it would really help to get a boost of speed when you really need it.

Optimizing cloud storage for your tools

When it comes to media production, cloud storage should fit with your workflows and expand as needed, without breaking the bank.

Remote color-grading and editing sessions

Typically, you’ve needed to be in the same room with your colleagues to do this well. But what if it could be done remotely? Fewer red-eye flights for work might be nice…

Audit readiness

Your clients, colleagues, and trade associations might have a few rules for how you handle your data and infrastructure. It sure would be nice leverage to network & cloud services that meets those standards…

Visual Effects Shops

Moving magic & fireworks, one frame at a time

We arm VFX with the capabilities to conduct tremendous work at scale.

VFX shops are tasked with the tremendous responsibility of making the heavy-duty “magic of the movies” happen in the blockbusters and TV we all love. However, those in the know certainly realize that it’s not magic: VFX wizardry is the result of talent, effort, multi-team collaboration, complex workflows, and a whole lot of computing power. That stuff doesn’t render itself…you know…

We are proud to be a strategic technology partner to a number of the world’s leading VFX operations, providing a variety of solutions to get the job done.

VFX use cases

How we can help

Directly connect with your clients & colleagues

Blockbuster visual effects contracts increasingly involve complex collaboration between many parties. Make sure you are in the loop too.

Sustained & secure file transfer

Lapsed connections during transfer of large files can be a huge setback — you shouldn’t settle for a file transfer tool that may stall projects.

Scalable cloud computing capacity for rendering

When the clock is ticking, increasing your throughput on-demand to your remote render farms helps you make deadlines. We can connect you to all the major cloud providers.

Enforce safe internet-usage policies

VFX shops have considerable industry standards to adhere to when it comes to on-the-job internet usage. We provide safe browsing tools to help ensure your employees meet those standards.


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