Unleash the power of full speed, direct access to the major public cloud providers

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Having enough horsepower is essential to your success.

But are you able to harness it when you need it most?

You look to the public cloud providers to solve your space, time and capacity problems for resource-intensive tasks such as rendering and transcoding. But how do you get connected simply and securely? And what if your connection speed requirements change?

Navigating Multiple Clouds

To get the job done, your workflow configuration may need to be built out to connect to multiple cloud providers.

Limits of Over-the-Internet Bandwidth

Consuming cloud-based services over the Open Internet subjects you to chokepoints of traffic contention, slowing down your cloud access when you really need to speed things up.

Changing Project & Traffic Demands

Cloud compute resources are perfect for spikes in your workload. But, in between those spikes, paying for bandwidth you don’t need hurts your bottom line.

Straight Out of Your Network

Traversing to cloud providers directly from your network gives you optimal performance and security.

Setting up dedicated connectivity to your remote cloud computing stacks will help you get the most from your investment. But building out and managing such connectivity yourself may require a considerable CAPEX investment — one that might be cost-prohibitive if you only need the infrastructure for short periods of time.

Don't go to the cloud, bring the cloud to you

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Bring the public cloud directly to your network, on your terms.

Sohonet FastLane serves as a direct connection from your offices worldwide to the industry’s major cloud service providers, giving increased flexibility and a reliable, high-speed conduit to a range of remote storage and compute solutions. It’s a key strategic technology for companies that need granular control of highly resource-intensive cloud computing workflows (i.e. VFX rendering, processing, etc.).

Sohonet is committed to extending the reach of our customers to the increasing number of cloud platforms that support media workflows, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Sohonet Fastlane moves your data away from Internet bandwidth, removing network congestion and decreasing the time it takes to transfer your data. With a direct link to the Cloud, customers are in control of how their data is routed, leading to a more consistent network experience for your business. Offering dedicated, “burstable” connectivity, with speeds of 100Mbit/s up to 40Gbit/s, Sohonet is able to provide the flexibility, security and reliability for which our network is known.

Streamlined Access to Different Public Clouds

Use one service to flexibly configure for multiple providers as needed — whether it’s Amazon, Google,  or Microsoft

Easy & Quick to Deploy

Our network engineering team will help you optimize the configuration for different clouds and workflows.

Control over Privacy & Security

  • Skip the risk of the public internet and connect directly to your cloud of choice.
  • Have full control and visibility into how your data is routed.


Ditch congestion and feel the unrestricted joy of low-latency of private network bandwidth all the way to the cloud.


When you really need to haul, burst your connection as needed to speeds as high as 40Gbit/s.


  • Pay for what you use, allowing you to bid on big projects without investing in expensive compute resources that would otherwise sit idle
  • Minimise cloud egress charges
  • Fully-Managed Service with 24/7 Support and no CAPEX

Features overview

  • Direct connection to major Cloud service providers
  • “Burstable” bandwidth — ramp up or down as your project requires
  • Guaranteed throughput for fast & reliable transfer
  • Low latency
  • Security of a private network for transfer
  • Up to 80% cost saving on egress charges

Take the FastLane or Go It Alone?

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Who Uses FastLane

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  • “Using Sohonet FastLane gave us a solution which far exceeded Google’s standalone capabilities, and which ‘just worked’. We knew we had a solution in place which would allow us to scale up our render capacity seamlessly to meet demand.”

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    Craig Dibble
    Lead Render Systems Engineer
  • “Sohonet have been a trusted and well-connected partner, who have been instrumental in helping us expand our compute abilities beyond in-house walls.”

    Steve MacPherson
  • “Having our secure and dedicated connection to GCE enables us to confidently pitch on bigger projects, knowing we have rendering capabilities behind us if required — without worrying about where we’ll put the extra render nodes if required.”

    Dave Goodbourn
    Head of Systems
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