Sohonet Announces Launch of ClearView Flex Go

Olivia Broadley

Clearview Flex

Clearview Flex Go




Last November we announced the launch of Sohonet’s highly-anticipated real-time remote attendance service, ClearView Flex. And in the past year, ClearView Flex has been changing the way movies, TV and commercials are made, by allowing anyone, anywhere to watch real-time video streams from the editing room directly on their laptop, tablet or mobile. Cool right? Well this November, we’ve have brought you an early Christmas present: ClearView Flex Go, our new entry-level service, specifically designed to allow projects of any size or budget to enjoy the benefits of real-time remote collaboration.

What can you do with Flex?

    • Get feedback from the director on an edit while she’s on location
    • Show your producer or creative director a rough cut while they’re visiting the client
    • In other words, when you need feedback NOW, Flex is your secret weapon

The ClearView Flex Difference

    • Simple web interface
    • Nothing to configure, view from any device
    • Instant collaboration (nothing to prep and no need to send files to viewers ahead of time)
    • Studio-approved content security

How does ClearView Flex work?

Check out our pricing & to find out more information here

Olivia Broadley