Real-Time, Remote Collaboration

Connect, collaborate and create with your teams remotely

There are some great offline remote collaboration tools for when you just need to send content from a-b-c. But for review and approve discussions (i.e. ‘make the sky angry’, ‘smooth the scene transition’), you need a real-time solution to recreate that over-the-shoulder collaborative experience from wherever you are. Being able to iterate quickly, with immediate reaction and response,  enhances your ability to be creative and produce better content.

Sohonet has designed a family of real-time, remote, review tools to give you the freedom to meet your needs whether you’re making decisions where quality is paramount, or you need the flexibility to review content from any device, anywhere.  ClearView Flex, ClearView HD and ClearView Pivot give storytellers the freedom to connect, collaborate and create together in exactly the way they need to.

ClearView Family

ClearView Flex

ClearView Flex enables an ‘over-the-shoulder’ shared viewing experience –  when your collaborators are in different cities or continents. Stream live, encrypted video streams in real-time sync from any source via HDMI or SDI to your team members and clients and enable them to review and approve content from anywhere on their tablet, phone, PC/MAC or via Apple TV. 

ClearView Flex has been recognised with an Engineering Emmy® Award for advancing remote collaboration as well as an honourable mention from the HPA Awards. 

ClearView Pivot

ClearView Pivot provides you with a high-quality, hassle free and secure solution for remote screening, colour grading and finishing review and approvals. Stream colour and frame-accurate footage, at the click of a button, in 4k HDR with 12-bit colour depth and 4:4:4 chroma sampling in real-time with ultra-low latency provided by our SMN connection. 

Users are able to connect or switch multiple endpoints from a single web interface, removing the labour and time-intensive task of setting up new firewall configurations each time as well as enabling multi-point review sessions. 

ClearView Use Cases

When flexibility is key, ClearView Flex gives you that “over the shoulder” review experience wherever you are. But when the finest detail matters, ClearView Pivot or HD can help. Here's some of the ways our customers are using these tools





Split Units/ Sound Stages


Split Post/ VFX

Flex, HD, Pivot

Production Travel


Remote Editing

Flex, HD, Pivot

Remote VFX

Flex, HD, Pivot

Remote Colour Grade


Review & Approval

Flex, HD, Pivot

Remote Sound Mixing & Review

Flex, HD, Pivot

Subtitling/ localisation


Live Screening

HD, Pivot