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Networking in Hollywood? Sure. But also London, Sydney, Paris, New York, Vancouver, you name it.

Over 500 Media and Entertainment Companies Can't be Wrong

The largest private network built and optimized for media

Did we mention that it's really fast too?

Media & Entertainment companies have to send large files all the time — both internally and externally. Your project team is growing inside your office (or hemisphere) and outside, and many are from an ever-growing list of third parties. Everybody wants files “right away”, and you can’t bend your security standards to meet tight deadlines.

It would seem that the limits of basic network connectivity tend to get in the way of your seemingly conflicting objectives.

Connections are Unreliable

Remember that time your connection stalled out in the middle of a big transfer? We bet that hurt.

Connections are Unsecured

When transferring your valuable content, taking your chances over the public internet can open you up to increased risk of hacking or leaks.

Connections are Slow

You purchased connection at a certain bandwidth, but you never seem to be hitting that speed when you need it most. The unexpected contention of “traffic jams” may be hurting your ability to meet deadlines.

Files are Getting Bigger Every Day

Typical file sizes have been increasing exponentially over the past few years (thanks to 4K and HDR video, VR, and massive VFX rendering requirements)

Of course, you could ambitiously set out to build your own dedicated network. But the CAPEX and OPEX costs are high, and taking on such project on an on-going basis could further complicate you operations.

one connection to rule them all

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Introducing the Sohonet Media Network

The Sohonet Media Network (SMN) is the media and entertainment industry’s largest private network, allowing Sohonet’s 500+ customers to collaborate on feature film and TV productions with speed, security and delivery assurance. SMN is a point-to-point service with the ability to change endpoints/partners instantly – providing predictable delivery times and cost.

Sohonet’s scalable network provides 24/7 burst capabilities to meet peak project demands and tight deadlines. With seamless, uncontended file transfers, your teams can connect fast and work smoothly, even when data needs are spiking. Users can quickly and securely connect to other industry players in addition to their own company locations around the globe.

In business for over 20 years, Sohonet fully understands the media and entertainment industry. Our products and services were designed to address the pain points experienced by media production companies, and offer secure, reliable products and flexible pricing. Our customer service and engineering teams are skilled and offer immediate, real-time assistance when needed.

Predictability can be nice

We know you don’t like surprises from vendors. That’s why our speeds, performance, bandwidth, and service level are guaranteed.

Get more horsepower when you need it

Sometimes, projects don’t go as planned…or you just need more. We are well-equipped to deal with your surprises. We let you burst your networks speeds more on-demand for as long (or short) as you like.

Security up the wazoo

With us, safety and security doesn’t come at great expense to performance.

  • Secure infrastructure with firewall, MPLS and VPN offerings
  • Intrusion detection & prevention, network design & support


  • Guaranteed bandwidth speeds up to 40Gbits/sec
  • Connections that don’t drop
  • Fast response times for changes/upgrades


  • Guaranteed bursting capability on-demand for peak loads
  • More and more of your collaborators to seamlessly connect to are joining every day


  • CAPEX-Free, fully-managed service with 24/7 Expert Global Support
  • With predictable delivery times and costs, you can now actually set realistic budgets
  • You get what you pay for, you pay for what you use — we guarantee minimum bandwidth performance, not the maximum

Features overview

  • Fast response time to changes (new partners, changing bandwidth requirements)
  • Flexible pricing models allowing customers to “burst” to higher levels of guaranteed bandwidths to accommodate project needs
  • Phenomenal media capable customer service, helping customers solve their media workflow problems, not just the networking issues
  • Instant access to worldwide media community
  • Guaranteed transfer speeds with industry renowned network security
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SMN Resources & Downloads

Sohonet Media Network Overview Datasheet

Learn more about what you can achieve with SMN

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