Sohonet Media Network



The Sohonet Media Network (SMN) is the media and entertainment industry’s largest private network, allowing Sohonet’s 400+ customers to collaborate on feature film and TV productions with speed, security and delivery assurance. SMN is a point-to-point service with the ability to change endpoints/partners instantly – providing predictable delivery times and cost.

Sohonet’s scalable network provides 24/7 burst capabilities to meet peak project demands and tight deadlines. With seamless, uncontended file transfers, your teams can connect fast and work smoothly, even when data needs are spiking. Users can quickly and securely connect to other industry players in addition to their own company locations around the globe.

In business for 20 years, Sohonet fully understands the media and entertainment industry. Our products and services were designed to address the pain points experienced by media production companies, and offer secure, reliable products and flexible pricing. Our customer service and engineering teams are skilled and offer immediate, real-time assistance when needed.


  • Fast response time to changes (new partners, changing bandwidth requirements)
  • Flexible pricing models allowing customers to “burst” to higher levels of guaranteed bandwidths to accommodate project needs
  • Phenomenal media capable customer service, helping customers solve their media workflow problems, not just the networking issues
  • Instant access to worldwide media community
  • Guaranteed transfer speeds with industry renowned network security