High-speed direct connectivity to the cloud

Your high-speed direct connection to the industry’s major cloud providers. Access a range of remote storage and compute solutions securely from your facilities around the world

Keeping clients connected

Power when you need it

Cloud rendering

Draw on the massive compute resources of the public cloud as and when you need to.

Virtual workstations

Rapidly deploy virtual VFX workstations and save on hardware, software, power and cooling.

Cloud acceleration

Access tools for transcoding, watermarking, storage and packaging quickly and securely.

Bringing the cloud to you


Of major VFX houses benefit from Sohonet services

FastLane arms VFX teams with a flexible, low-latency solution to deliver resource-intense cloud compute workflows securely.


2023 Oscar-Winning projects collaborated on by Sohonet customers

Teams all over the world utilise FastLane to deliver award-winning projects within budget and on time.


Years serving the VFX industry

Our team has extensive experience in the area, so we can offer unrivaled knowledge to customers and work to fit your needs.


Customer support

Phones are answered by highly trained support engineers who, 9 times out of 10, are able to deal with your issue there and then.


With low-latency and guaranteed throughput via our uncontended, private media network, FastLane eliminates the congested internet from your router and ensures reliable delivery times, every time.


Whilst Telcos offer fixed, contracted connection speeds that can’t be changed mid-term, FastLane is flexible and scalable around your changing needs. Offering “burstable” connectivity, customers can utilise FastLane and the cloud as and when they need to.

Features overview

Uninterrupted access to different public clouds

Use one service to flexibly switch between multiple providers.

Quick and easy to deploy

Our team will help you optimise the configuration for different clouds and workflows.

Control over privacy and security

Skip the risk of the open internet and connect directly to the cloud, giving you full control over your data.

Ultra-low latency

Avoid congestion and enjoy low-latency and guaranteed throughput for fast, reliable transfer.

Scalable connectivity

Increase or decrease bandwidth as your project requires, and hit speeds as high as 100Gbit/s when needed.

Flexible pricing model

Minimise cloud egress charges and pay for what you use, so you can bid on projects freely.

“Using FastLane gave us a solution which far exceeded Google’s standalone capabilities, and which “just worked”. We knew we had a solution in place which would allow us to scale up our render capacity seamlessly to meet demand.”

Craig Dibble / Lead Render Systems Engineer, MPC Film

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