Flex your bandwidth configuration to suit your production needs

Whether you need dedicated internet access, a secure connection to the cloud or you need to create a private network; Multiport is the answer. We’ve combined all these services into one cost effective solution that you can reconfigure and scale as needed.

Keeping clients connected

Sohonet Media Network

Connect with 1000+ companies and over 100,000 storytellers worldwide, on the world’s largest private fibre network for film, TV & advertising.

Dedicated Internet Access

High-speed, uncontended internet to access off-net partners and other web-based platforms.


Gain high-speed, direct, and flexible access to public cloud services, including AWS, Azure and Google, securely from your facilities around the world, with Sohonet FastLane.

Inter-site Connectivity

Access resources and capabilities between multiple locations – including those of third parties – configured to suit your needs as either secure point-to-point, point-to-multipoint MPLS or SD-WAN services.

Flexibility to scale your network operations

Sohonet understands the natural ebb and flow of productions. Whether it’s adapting to the different stages of a project, dialling up a particular technology, or keeping staff connected, now more than ever there’s a need for fluidity – to be flexible and reconfigurable.

Features overview

Flexible and scalable

Scale your bandwidth with built-in “burst” capability to accommodate your project needs.

Expert support

Our experts are on hand 24/7 to flex and scale your services and to solve wider media workflow problems.

Streamlined access to your teams and partners

Our private network provides direct access to 1000+ major media companies worldwide.

Reliable connectivity

With an uptime rate in excess of 99.99%, we provide a network you can depend on.

Speeds and performance guaranteed

Guaranteed bandwidth, fast response times and zero external contention.

Studio-grade network security

The secure infrastructure provides a safe route to transfer valuable content with confidence.

A perfect fit for every stage of production

Whether adapting to different stages of production, dialling up network services, keeping staff connected, control the flow with Multiport.

Reconfigure bandwidth across Sohonet Media Network, Internet, Fastlane, WAN & MPLS so you can move with the flow of production.

“Sohonet’s global connectivity infrastructure enables us to effectively and cost-efficiently share and deliver data to many of our industry partners. Sohonet understands the M&E industry and is consistently reliable.”

Robert O’Brien / ITV