Secure connections, anytime, anywhere

Connect with 1000+companies and over 100,000 storytellers worldwide, on the world’s largest private fibre network for film, TV & advertising. Avoid the insecurities of the internet, and decrease the time it takes to transfer your content

Keeping clients connected

Stay connected

Connect your offices and partners 

Move data between your global locations or to external partners and clients at high-speed.

Access internet services reliably

To complement the private network you need high-quality, uncontended internet access.

Stay online, always

Connectivity is critical to your business. You need backup and diversity options to ensure you’re always online.

Media & entertainment’s largest private network


M&E customers globally

We connect 1000+companies and over 100,000 storytellers worldwide, on the industry’s largest private fibre network.


Years of support

We’ve been in the business for over 25 years and understand the unique challenges and pain points M&E teams experience.



As the industry has grown, so have we. We cover all major global media production hubs across 19 countries and 56 cities.


2023 Golden Globe-winning titles collaborated on by Sohonet customers

Teams all over the world create award-winning content by collaborating through the Sohonet Media Network.

Predictable delivery times and costs

The SMN gives you a dedicated, uncontended connection to distributed teams and partners. We install a fibre connection at your location that gives you instant access to all the industry’s key players. Guaranteed bandwidth speeds of up to 40Gbits/sec allow you to transfer and share content painlessly, so you can predictably deliver on deadlines.

Fully scalable to meet project demands

We know no-one wants to invest in bandwidth that’s only used now and again. Our scalable network and flexible contract terms mean you can boost bandwidth when needed to meet peak project demands or tight deadlines. With seamless, uncontended file transfers, your teams can connect fast and work smoothly – even when data needs are spiking.

Features overview

Streamlined access to your teams and partners

Our private network provides direct access to 700+ major media companies worldwide.

Speeds and performance guaranteed

Guaranteed bandwidth, fast response times and zero external contention.

Studio-grade network security

The secure infrastructure provides a safe route to transfer valuable content with confidence.

Reliable connectivity

With an uptime rate in excess of 99.99%, we provide a network you can depend on.

Flexible and scalable

Scale your offering with “bursts” to higher bandwidths to accommodate project needs.

Expert support

Our experts are on hand 24/7 to help solve wider media workflow problems.

Join the 700+ on our media network

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details of how we process personal data.

“Sohonet’s global connectivity infrastructure enables us to effectively and cost-efficiently share and deliver data to many of our industry partners. Sohonet understands the M&E industry and is consistently reliable.”

Robert O’Brien / ITV

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