Production Internet

Getting up and running quickly is critical for productions during the pandemic. We get your production set up with connectivity in 3-5 business days, helping your on-site crew, post, VFX teams and off-set creatives collaborate from the word go

Keeping productions connected

Spaces and services tailored to you


Involved with 700+ feature & episodic productions annually

We create tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of every production, whether it’s a TV pilot or a feature film spanning multiple stages.


Global production studio partners

We partner with some of the leading production studios across the globe, connecting productions of every shape and size.

Expert support & guidance at every stage

Our expert team are on-hand 24/7 to help you scope and budget for exactly what’s needed through every step of the production process and can’t usually have you up and running within 3-5 days of your first call coming through.

We understand that requirements change and so we make sure your workflow needs are met as quickly as possible.

Budget & scope

We work with you from the start to create a customised solution that will scope out exactly what you need and provide desktop phone sets, softphones, chat and videoconferencing to suit your scale and budget.

Keep on & off set crew connected

We can get you set up quickly with physical phones for the production offices and soft phone support so those participating from off-set can quickly join audio and video calls as well.

Core phone features

Cloud based system with backup and failover, video conferencing built-in, SIP Trunking, HD Voice, phone dual gigabit ports, voice-mail to email, bluetooth headset capable, deskphone and work from anywhere capability.

Flexible usage model

No one wants to over-invest in hardware that will sit idle. We provide phones on a flexible, per unit basis, for productions to scale up and down as your requirements change.

Fast response times for changes

We know things change and schedules change. We ensure these critical workflow changes get delivered as quickly as possible, so you can focus on other tasks.

Studio-grade security

We ensure every solution is compliant with your production’s security protocols to give you the confidence and peace of mind to focus on your day job.

“Sohonet has long-standing relationships with studios and networks to develop matching security protocols. This was a big plus for us as IT and security people at the studios were completely aware of Sohonet.”

Corey Walton / VP of Post Production, Statement Advertising

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