Review content, fresh from set, whenever, wherever

Adding a powerful dailies tool to Sohonet’s ClearView toolset. Review dailies, cuts, and other key assets, add mark-ups and make key creative decisions as a team, with a secure, near-time review tool built to support creative teams when they can’t all be in the same room at the same. 

Keeping storytellers connected

Built to support production workflows

Dailies designed for creatives

The ultimate dailies and content review platform. Elevate your film & TV projects with our feature-packed, studio-secure media delivery & review. Ultra-fast delivery across the globe and a seamless & crisp review experience.

Effortless review whenever & wherever

Picking that perfect take has never been easier, with an intuitive interface that allows stakeholders to markup and feedback on dailies, in their own time, from any device (including browser, iOS or Apple TV).



With automated watermarking and ability to add custom watermarks on-the-fly; we ensure the security of your assets and protect against content leaks. Coupled with total granular control over user access, you have security segmentation at the organisation level. 

Keep Teams in Sync

Whether marketing department, on-set department heads or trailer teams. Let everyone keep tabs on the story you are telling as it unfolds. ClearView Rush provides a secure and straightforward solution, enabling your whole team to remain connected to the story, and fostering a united creative vision.

Off-set review

No matter where in the world they are, off-set creatives, producers or studio execs are able to check-in on the action and feedback on dailies, in their own time, from any device. ClearView Rush lets you securely pick the perfect shots and reach approvals faster whenever, wherever.

Unite split units

Enable parallel work from split units, across multiple sets and locations. With ClearView Rush, off-site creatives can review and feedback on dailies from any device. Keeping the united vision aligned between sets – and eliminating reshoots to keep budgets and timelines on track.

Features overview

Simplify review & sharing

Content distribution to teams and stakeholders easy with a simple inbox, streamlining your review process.

Easy selects & approvals

Accelerate decision-making with intuitive selects and customisable approval workflows, realising your vision faster

Simple to use on any device

Allowing key stakeholders to review assets in high fidelity on any device (browser, IOS, Apple TV)

Customise Watermarks on the Fly

Enhance content protection by easily adding personalised watermarks to your assets

Client controlled user management:

User-friendly interfaces for both viewers and presenters. No time-consuming pre-rendering, uploads, file transfers, downloads or special viewing hardware 

High security, 24/7 support

Highest standard of security so you can rest easy, and instant support and assistance at the touch of a button should you ever need it

” I couldn’t imagine managing what we do without it.”

Randy McGowan / VP Marvel Studio Operations