Real-time creative review & collaboration

Providing creatives with a sub-100 ms remote live streaming capability. Launch a session with up to 30 viewers for a live review of creative work, all with rock-solid frame rate, colour and audio accuracy

Keeping clients connected

For creators across the production workflow

Pre Production

Align everyone’s creative vision from the start of production


Keep your eye on all the action across multiple sets & locations

Post Production

Host VFX shot reviews, editorial, sound mixing, colour grading & finishing reviews

Award-winning collaboration


Major Hollywood studios use Flex

Teams all over the world use Flex to support their productions and create award-winning content.


Sohonet awarded Engineering Emmy

ClearView Flex has won an Engineering Emmy for advancing remote collaboration.


Hours spent reviewing using Flex in 2020

Teams behind the biggest blockbusters are collaborating in real-time and saving travelling time with Flex.


Ultra-low latency guaranteed

To us, remote collaboration can’t work unless tools and streams feel real-time  – so they are.


Flex requires minimal bandwidth, so it can work anywhere with internet, and on any device – including Apple TV. It has a totally agnostic approach to the software and hardware you share content from. Flex provides a truly flexible reviewing experience: no time-consuming pre-rendering, uploads, downloads, file transfers, or special viewing hardware necessary.

Reduce costs

Up to 30% of production budget is spent on travel – but that doesn’t need to be the case. ClearView Flex cuts down on expensive travel cost as it stops the need to travel for vital edit sessions or VFX decisions. In some cases it’s shaving days off production schedules. Plus with pay-as-you-go options, you keep your  finance director or production accountant happy too.

Features overview

High-quality streaming

High quality streaming content of up to 2K DCI resolution with up to 10-bit 4:2:0 colour.

Ultra-low latency

Collaborate at the speed of light plus 2-5 frames of delay (lag that’s so small it’s barely noticeable to humans).

5.1 Surround Sound

With 5.1 surround sound built into our Apple TV app, Flex is perfect for professional audio review.

Multi-device support

Streams can be viewed on tablet, phone, PC/MAC or through Apple TV via a basic internet connection.

Simple to use

User-friendly interfaces for both viewers and presenters. No time-consuming pre-rendering, uploads, file transfers, downloads or special viewing hardware 

Studio-grade security

Flex has built-in security including encrypted video streaming, session burn-ins, and secure invite links.


ClearView Flex Go offers users a pay-as-you-go service. Go customers pay an annual platform fee to rent the Flexbox hardware, and can purchase weekly or monthly credits to activate the hardware as and when they need them.

PAYG Subscription

PAYG Starter

$300/w $990/m

Up to 10 attendees per session

Up to 8-bit (4:2:0) colour

Stereo audio

Video bitrates up to 4mbit/s (Medium Quality)

Audio bitrates up to 128 kbps (Medium Quality)

$500 £400 Setup fee

$1,200 £900 Annual Platform fee


$750/w $1,500/m

Up to 20 attendees per session

Up to 10-bit (4:2:0) colour

5.1 surround sound support

Video bitrates up to 12mbit/s (Super-High Quality)

Audio bitrates up to 512 kbps (Super-High Quality)

Apple TV support

$500 £400 Setup Fee

$1,200 £900 Annual Platform Fee

*Prices quoted are for a 12 month contract. Short term contracts available with 10% surcharge

“Sohonet has long-standing relationships with studios and networks to develop matching security protocols. This was a big plus for us as IT and security people at the studios were completely aware of Sohonet.”

Corey Walton / VP of Post Production, Statement Advertising

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