Host remote, high quality, multi-point review sessions in real-time

Review in real-time with your collaborators across the globe and stream colour and frame-accurate footage to multiple parties in 4K HDR with 12-bit colour depth and 4:4:4 chroma sampling — all at the click of a button 

Keeping clients connected

Built to support post-production

Colour grading

Pivot is perfect for remote colour review as there is no loss in depth and clarity of colour.

VFX review

Image quality is vital when reviewing VFX shots. With 4K HDR, Pivot ensures you don’t lose a single pixel.

Finishing review and approval

Pivot is the best quality, most secure real-time solution for final sign off when execs can’t be there in person.

Save time and money without compromising on quality


2020 Golden Globe Winning titles are Sohonet customers

Teams all over the world are collaborating to create award-winning content.

24 hours

Saved for every review session

No more testing and configuring kit, or navigating firewall and security issues. Pivot works immediately every time.


Save hundreds of thousands

Cut down on global travel costs previously required to bring teams together for those vital review sessions.


Expert customer support

Our team is on-hand around the clock to provide guidance and advice to ensure your review sessions run smoothly.

High-quality streaming

Image quality and colour fidelity are vital for remote colour grading or VFX reviews. ClearView Pivot offers HDR reviews in 4K at full-colour quality over our uncontended private Media Network so nothing gets lost in translation. Services over the open internet all require compression, so they simply cannot measure up.

Hassle-free software setup

Other solutions are hardware products that require a lot of time and effort – for both security teams involved in firewalling and technical assistants checking equipment before every session. Pivot works immediately every time and as a point-to-multipoint solution you can ‘pivot’ easily from one end point to the next to collaborate with multiple people at the click of a button.

ClearView Pivot Lite

Pivot Lite is perfect for those joining from home. The hardware offers a receive-only option for Pivot review sessions, which can be run over an internet connection. Sessions benefit from all the same high-quality features as a standard Pivot call but with a lower bandwidth requirement. Requiring as little as 100 mbps for 2K and 150 mbps for 4K reviews.

Features overview

Super high-quality streaming

Supports 2K, UHD, 4K video formats, up to 4:4:4 chroma and 12-bit colour depth in colour spaces REC 601, 709 & 2020, using jpeg2000 compression.

Ultra-low latency

By running the service over our SMN, we guarantee that you don’t experience streams that lag.

Point-to-multipoint solution

‘Pivot’ between endpoints when you need or stream to multiple endpoints at the same time.

Studio-grade security

Pivot is independently audited with AES-128 end-to-end encryption with a per-session key.

Simple to use

Sessions are managed through a simple call management app accessed via a web browser.

Managed service

We constantly monitor and maintain the hardware at your sites so they always work as planned.


The ClearView Pivot service requires hardware at both the send and receive end of a Pivot call. For sending and receiving a stream you will need a PivotBox and a Sohonet Media Network connection. A Pivot Lite can be installed as a receive-only device at an internet connected site.

Annual Monthly


$1600 per month £1230 per month $1920 per month £1476 per month

Send and receive device

1 gbps Sohonet Media Network req.

$1000 £750 Setup fee

$6000 £4800 Annual rental fee

Pivot Lite

$1200 per month £920 per month $1440 per month £1104 per month

Receive-only device

100-200 mbps internet connection req.

$1000 £750 Setup fee

$4000 £3000 Annual rental fee

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