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Host real-time creative reviews remotely

Give your production the flexibility of remote and hybrid workflows without compromising on creativity or quality. See how easy it is to create and collaborate from anywhere, with Sohonet.

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Make remote review sessions a real-time collaborative experience

Creative Collaboration Shouldn’t be Rocket Science

Enjoy Fast, Easy, Secure Real-time Review with ClearView


Secure – With studio-grade security and end-to-end encryption, your content is in safe hands.


Accurate – Sub-100ms latency guarantees a rock-solid frame rate for all industry standards.


High-quality – 10-bit colour, HDR playback and 5.1 surround sound audio offer the best quality viewing experience.

Unmatched collaboration

Whether it’s recreating the ‘over-the-shoulder’ experience of being in the same editing suite, or securely sharing your files, Sohonet has the solution to keep your production connected and on track from anywhere.

  • Remote scalability

    Invite up to 40 participants to a session and keep everyone on the same page throughout the production process.

  • Secure and stable

    Provide your teams with high-speed access to cloud-first workflows, protected by studio-grade encryption.

  • True to life

    With colour and frame-accurate footage streamed in 2K DCI, at sub-100ms latency, you can be sure of what you’re seeing.

Simple – It’s easy to start a session and collaborate with up to 40 viewers, and our premium support service is on-hand 24/7.

Review from anywhere, on any device

The Sohonet ClearView family is optimised to work across a range of devices, offering ultimate flexibility in bringing everyone together for live reviews and edits.

Real-time streams can be viewed on a tablet, phone, PC/MAC or through Apple TV via a basic internet connection.

“It was Disney who recommended [Flex] to me. Immediately, I could see that this was a game changer. All of a sudden, we could review mixes in real time and bring everyone in on ClearView to look at material at the same time as if they were in the room.”

Marcus Zalewski / Owner and Sound Mixer, Martell Sound

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