Enhancing gaming production processes: Streamlined workflows and seamless collaboration tools

Bringing games companies a range of tools to streamline their production workflows. Facilitate seamless collaboration with teams and vendors, enabling secure file sharing, efficient asset management, and streamlined remote reviews, all designed to enhance the gaming production process.

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Align vision and keep your teams and partners connected

ClearView Flex provides game production teams with a user-friendly tool to securely stream creative review sessions, get instant feedback, annotate and keep their remote teams and partners aligned on vision.

Stream live, encrypted video and audio with sub-100ms latency from any source (list gaming editing tools)  via HDMI, SDI, or NDI to up to 40 viewers on on tablets, phones, laptops or Apple TV.

     •  High-quality streaming up to up to 2K DCI resolution

     •  Stream from your physical Flexbox or virtually from         the cloud with up to 10-bit 4:2:2

     •  Maintains ultra-low latency even with limited         bandwidth for synchronised playback across screens

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Share your files quickly with lightning-fast and user-friendly file transfer for creatives

A file transfer tool built to support your game production workflows. Share files of unlimited size to clients and partners through the browser. No servers, no IT support required -  It’s as easy as sending an email but with the security features required by gaming developers.

     •  Blazing Fast File Transfers with Basic Internet - No         worries about bandwidth!

     •  Deploy for as little as one month - pay for what you         use!

     •  Automated distribution for uninterrupted creative         flow.

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Effortlessly manage assets, across all your teams

Experience streamlined approval workflows and enhanced collaboration with Storylink, the asset management platform designed to facilitate feedback, approvals, and remote collaboration for game production teams.

With a user-friendly interface, track project status and create a reusable library of assets effortlessly. Storylink simplifies asset management, accelerates the approval process, and ensures seamless content distribution to both internal and external stakeholders. 

     •   Reuse assets - Leverage asset libraries across          divisions and teams

     •   WIP Workspaces - Share assets for team members          to comment in real-time

     •  Secure Asset Distribution - Encryption, visible and         forensic watermarks, and controlled downloads

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