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Best way for post-production teams to transfer their files in 2024

Olivia Broadley
Mar 4, 2024
5 min read
Best way for post-production teams to transfer their files in 2024

As production moves into post-production, file sizes may decrease, but the involvement of various stakeholders intensifies and the transfer of files escalates as they move between editorial, VFX, colour, sound, and finishing stages, with transfers occurring frequently both internally and externally with different post houses and stakeholders.

In the past, many post facilities looked to FTP for media file sharing and some still do. However, FTP has severe limitations. It lacks optimisation for media workflows, leading to slow transfer speeds and unreliable performance. Security concerns also arise, particularly when collaborating with larger studios, where safeguarding sensitive content is paramount. Whilst there are now more options available for post teams, many are expensive and complex to use. 

Introducing FileRunner: A Solution for Modern Creative Demands:

FileRunner from Sohonet has been designed with the needs of creative teams in mind, with lightning-fast transfer speeds and a user-friendly interface, eliminating the frustrations associated with outdated technology. Its affordability, coupled with a flexible pricing model, ensures that post-production teams can scale their usage without breaking the bank.

Affordable pricing 

FileRunner's flexible pricing has been designed to align with your project cycles. Deploy for as little as one month, paying only for what you use. Enjoy high-speed file transfers, saving time and reducing labour costs. With no expensive server installs or upfront commitments, scale FileRunner up or down to optimise budget utilisation. 

Easy to use 

Getting your team set up on FileRunner is fast and simple. There’s nothing to download or install on your machine to get started, and no costly and time consuming server installs to manage -- all you need is a web browser and a basic internet connection. It’s simple to use, so most users won’t require any training at all.

Designed for time-constrained creative workflows

Experience the ultimate file transfer tool designed for creatives. FileRunner offers lightning-fast speed to support your creative workloads, maximising bandwidth with multithreaded parallel TCP uploads. Seamlessly integrate it into your workflow without disruptions and you can event automate your file transfers with the auto-download app, allowing you to focus on your work and keep productivity up.

Whether you need info, a demo, or support, our team of experts are on hand to support you and your projects. Say goodbye to traditional file transfer complexities and embrace creativity with FileRunner. Book your free FileRunner trial here to experience FileRunner for yourself. 

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