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Best way for productions to transfer their files in 2024

Olivia Broadley
Feb 27, 2024
5 min read
Best way for productions to transfer their files in 2024
Overcoming traditional file transfer challenges

In the initial phases of film and television production, hefty file transfers are commonplace, often involving raw camera data reaching into the Terabytes and while your production captures the magic, at some point they need to deliver the result into some other workflow. Production teams need to have an appropriate file transfer tool that can not only support the large amount of data that you are sharing but also complies to their parent studio’s content security team who will be on their back wanting assurance that every tool being used is secure and studio security approved. 

In principle it’s one thing, but it all makes sending files securely that bit tougher (as you can’t use the open internet).

Historically large productions would have installed local servers with Aspera or Signiant to manage the transfer workflows into the studio’s backend infrastructure, but these tools are not only expensive but resource heavy - with IT support required to help them run. Given the challenges productions and studios have been looking for a secure, but easier and more cost effective means to transfer large media files. And that’s where FileRunner from Sohonet comes in. Working with the leading studios and creatives, Sohonet has designed a secure, affordable, user-friendly file transfer tool that has been designed to support teams working throughout the production workflows

With no plug-ins, server instals or IT hassle - productions can now get the same level of security and delivery assurance through the browser at a fraction of the cost. 

Getting your production setup with FileRunner

Getting your team set up on FileRunner is fast and simple. There’s nothing to download or install on your machine to get started, and no expensive server instals to invest in: all you need is a web browser and a basic internet connection. It’s simple to use, so most users won’t require any training at all.

FileRunner is also designed to work with your existing workflow and toolsets. It uses multithreaded parallel TCP uploads which maximises the throughput of your available bandwidth no matter what you’re sending. Whether you’re transferring directories of frame sequences or large, individual files, we’ve got you covered.

“All of our shows use FileRunner now,” “It is definitively cheaper, far more secure and a lot quicker." Kim Pratt, VP Technology, NorthSouth Productions

Speeding up the production workflow - automated file transfer 

Creative are often dealing with large media files that are  susceptible to slow downloads, making the simple task of sending a file feel like a huge burden that eats away at your valuable time and distracts you from other tasks. What's the solution? Automation.

With FileRunner you can reclaim your time and boost productivity. With its auto-download app for Mac OS and CLI tool for programmatic transfers, FileRunner keeps your data flowing effortlessly, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your creative work.

Whether you need info, a demo, or support, our team of experts are on hand to support you and your projects. Say goodbye to traditional file transfer complexities and embrace creativity with FileRunner. Book your free FileRunner trial here to experience FileRunner for yourself. 

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