Remote Collaboration
Remote Collaboration

Broadcast: Life in an audio post house during COVID-19

Lucinda Owen
Nov 13, 2020
5 min read

Extract from Broadcast with Lee Walpole, Sound Editor and Re-recording Mixer, Boom

To tackle the challenges of working safely and effectively during the Covid-19 pandemic, here at Boom we’re operating a system whereby the mixer is alone in the mixing studio, and the director is in one of our smaller Dolby-certified 5.1 pre-mixing studios, which mirrors the sound and picture output of the main room.

The sound editor is in one of our cutting rooms, also receiving the live mix in 5.1.

Furthermore, the mix and picture are shared with the editor and any other production team via Clearview, which streams a stereo mix of the live mix 5.1 to their home computers. All parties interact via a continuous Zoom feed.

For the final mix, clients are still able to attend the Boom Soho offices for reviews.

We have had seating plans drawn up by our health and safety advisors to allow safe social distancing. If clients need to exceed a studio’s safe capacity, we run the mix in 2 studios simultaneously. We can then safely gather up to 10 people in one room, sitting people in front of the screen to maintain social distancing for the sharing of notes.

Read the full article over at Broadcast

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