Clearview Flex

Olivia Broadley
Jul 2, 2021
5 min read

Discover why ACE-accredited editor Sven Pape hails ClearView Flex as "an absolute game-changer." Sohonet's collaborative video platform breaks down the barriers of time and distance, empowering stakeholders to seamlessly review and comment on the editor's work, regardless of their location.

“I’m using ClearView Flex regularly to communicate in real-time with editors,” says ACE Eddie-nominated editor Sven Pape, known for his work on projects like L.A. Twister and Effigy: Poison and the City. “It’s a great and collaborative way to look at the timeline together throughout the entire project.”

Pape, through his online training channel 'This Guy Edits,' collaborates with editors like Morgane Vautey based in France. “I’ll stream the project from my editing software via ClearView,” Pape explains, “and we can review it together and go through the timeline. I can see exactly what shots [Morgane] picked and the other shots she selected before arriving at this cut and give her specific notes."

The flexibility of ClearView Flex allows editors to make creative decisions in real-time, irrespective of their physical locations. Pape exemplifies this by sharing how he suggested a quote from filmmaker Chloé Zhao be shortened while maintaining its essence. These collaborative, creative choices happen seamlessly without the need for physical presence.

Experience the power of ClearView Flex by watching the YouTube video here. Elevate your editing process and redefine collaboration in the world of film editing.

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