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Creating the eerie look of horror movie matriarch – TVBEurope

Ameena Adil
Jan 18, 2023
5 min read

Check out this great article on TVBEurope, where Michelle Cort, senior colourist at Outpost Facilities talks about using ClearView Flex to do live streams for the creepy horror movie

Matriarch is a creepy folk horror directed by Ben Steiner, starring Jemima Rooper and Kate Dickie, that follows a lonely media executive who overdoses and has a near-death experience.

She leaves city life and turns to her abusive mother for sanctuary, only to find the countryside village where she grew up in the grip of an unknown gruesome threat.

Matriarch has a very clear colour palette,” says Michelle Cort, senior colourist at Outpost Facilities. “It’s eerie throughout with muted colours that aren’t overly desaturated. Alan [C. McLaughlin, cinematographer] crafted some dynamically lit compositions for me to work with. There was a lot of work put into holding the colours in their richness and putting tints in, but without making them too bright.”

External light was delicately balanced in the film. Most of the shooting was conducted in winter, with pale skies needing little work, but a few hints of sunshine were added to the composition for emphasis. Cort used the hue curve tool in DaVinci Resolve to ensure the consistency of the sunlight between the different days of the shoot and qualifiers to help with colour separation….READ ON

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