FileRunner Keeps the Engine Running at Ignition Creative

Olivia Broadley
Jul 15, 2021
5 min read

The enforced closure of cinemas and knock-on delay in movie releases was taken in its stride by

Ignition Creative. The creative production agency shared in the huge uncertainty of studios having to rethink theatrical campaigns amid fears of evaporating exhibition revenue but helped clients pivoted to new strategies. 

Ignition’s 40+ team,based in London and LA, provide essential marketing services to support film and TV title releases from major studios. Its work includes the cutting and finishing of trailers for cinema projection to creative execution of trailers and other assets for TV, Facebook, YouTube and the web. 

“The past year has been one of huge uncertainty for everybody in the film business and especially film marketing as situations kept changing,” says Nathaniel Durman, IT Manager, Ignition Creative. “That said, the continuation in production under lockdown and pent up release of content has provided a lifeline for the industry.”

Sohonet FileRunner was already used for part of Ignition’s business catering to in-house content creation for clients. Sohonet’s internet connectivity is core to workflows at its Soho facility.

“For this type of production work we were regularly sending 100GB files and sometimes terabytes of data around and FileRunner is best at handling content of such large sizes at speed,” Durman says. “Combined with Sohonet internet connectivity and we have a perfect synergy of service.”

FileRunner was only used for around 10 percent of Ignition’s workload prior to Covid-19. Since March 2020 it has been in routine demand.

“FileRunner has this two-factor authentication system which sounds so simple when you say It, but it’s really extremely effective and highly secure. “More than anything, FileRunner is completely reliable. We’ve never done work from home on this scale, or switched to remote overnight, but FileRunner was a massive part of that reorientation. It’s a really seamless piece of software that runs in the background and has kept us going.”

Over the course of the year, Ignition Creative has transferred more than 10 Terabytes of data using FileRunner. 

“While remote collaboration works really well there’s nothing like having that creative energy of everyone bouncing ideas off each other in an office,” Durman says. “Also, it means we can get back to performing sound mixes and color grading in professional suites and with color accurate monitors. Plus, we know clients are eager to get back to attending sessions.”

He says there will be a happy medium between working in the facility with home office production. “Everyone is really comfortable using FileRunner and more importantly there has been no interruption for any client. It has never caused us a problem and it will be essential to our

workflows in future. "Although there is still a degree of uncertainty about unlocking from lockdowns due to health concerns we are basically as confident and as comfortable when working from home as in the office and that’s because Sohonet has stabilized the transition.”

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