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Post Super: Post Supervisor of the Month - Stephanie Chan

Olivia Broadley
Nov 17, 2023
5 min read
Stephanie Chat, Post Supervisor
Stephanie Chan, Post Supervisor

Sohonet is thrilled to sponsor Post Super's Post Supervisor of the Month - which this month shines a light on the very talented Stephanie Chan. We had the pleasure of collaborating with Stephanie on Paramount's The Spiderwick Chronicles, utilising our real-time remote review tool ClearView Flex.

Don't miss this great interview with Post Super's Gemma Nicholson, where Stephanie shares her inspiring journey from big networks and on-air promo houses to realising her dream career in Post Production. Stephanie's story vividly illustrates the crucial role mentors play and the profound impact they can have on one's career path.

At Sohonet, we are dedicated to championing talent in the post-production industry, and we take pride in supporting teams as they create the magic we see on our screens. Discover more about Stephanie's experiences and the influence of mentors by tuning into this interview.

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