Proud Sponsor of the 22nd Annual VES Awards Nominations Event

Olivia Broadley
Jan 16, 2024
5 min read

Sohonet was delighted to co-sponsor the London VES Awards Nominations Events last weekend alongside DNEG. We've had the privilege of supporting this annual judging event for over a decade, which takes place worldwide with simultaneous participation from all 15 VES Sections, allowing members to join virtually from anywhere in the world!

Sohonet holds strong ties with the VFX Society, recognizing the VES Awards as a distinguished event that celebrates exceptional visual effects artistry and innovation globally, spanning film, animation, television, commercials, and video games. The awards pay homage to the creativity of VFX supervisors, producers, and artists who bring these remarkable works to life.

Key dates

Global Nominating Panels: January 13

  • L.A. Nomination Judging Panels Hold Vote: January 13
  • Nominations Announced: January 16
  • On-Line View & Vote (Members Only): January 22 – February 4
  • 22nd Annual VES Awards Gala: Wednesday, February 21, 2024

As we eagerly anticipate the results, Sohonet extends its best wishes to all the incredible talents who work tirelessly behind the scenes to create the magic that captivates audiences. Good luck to each and every one of you!

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