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Streamline Your Production Post Strike: 2) Keep Off-Set Teams In The Loop

Olivia Broadley
Nov 23, 2023
5 min read

In this blog series, Sohonet explores 5 ways to cut costs and save time during the post-strike recovery of productions. In this 2nd blog, we look at the importance of keeping off-set creatives and crew members informed and engaged - and the remote video collaboration tools that can enhance your communication.

The challenge 

With heightened time and budget concerns, everyone’s under pressure to get shots right first time – and make sure what’s captured on-set is aligned with what’s needed in post. 

For this seamless collaboration to happen, creatives must review early assemblies to ensure their vision is being translated and post-production teams must provide feedback on any missing shots or coverage. With teams scattered across different locations, communication is key.

The Fix:

You need a collaboration toolkit that enables studio teams and off-set stakeholders to stay connected with the production creatives -- ensuring everyone remains aligned on vision -- no matter their location or schedule.  Whether they need to easily review dailies in their own-time or view footage together in real-time and collaborate over details - you need to provide secure and seamless offline and real-time viewing options to suit both use cases.

clearview rush
“You can learn a lot in the editing room… figuring out which of your takes were used and which ones were not, really gives you a sense of what the editor needs.” David Mackie, Director of Photography

Tech Tip 

ClearView Rush streamlines the dailies review process, providing a secure and near-time review tool for essential production assets. Integrated into your studio workflow, easily review, markup and feedback on dailies, in your own time, from any device (including browser, iOS or Apple TV). 

With ClearView Flex off-set creatives can provide instant feedback to those on set and see the changes happen immediately. Live content is easily viewable on any internet-connected device with no extra equipment at the viewer’s end. Both tools provide studio-grade security & and 24x7 support.

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