Top tools for sound artists

Olivia Broadley
Jan 3, 2024
5 min read
Welcome to our guide on essential tools for sound artists! Having the right set of tools is crucial and in this breakdown we dive into industry-leading software and plugins, tailored to elevate your audio production and post-production endeavours. Uncover top-tier solutions for precise audio editing, and remote collaboration ensuring a smooth and collaborative workflow for you and your teams.
Pro Tools:

A leading digital audio workstation preferred by professional sound artists for its comprehensive audio editing and post-production capabilities. Its advanced features and industry-standard workflow make it an essential tool for crafting high-quality soundscapes and achieving precise audio editing and mixing results.

Logic Pro:

Apple's intuitive music production software is favoured by sound artists for its powerful tools in composition, recording, and mixing. With its extensive library of virtual instruments and audio effects, Logic Pro enables sound artists to unleash their creative potential and produce professional-quality music compositions and soundtracks.

iZotope (plugin):

Renowned for its advanced audio processing and restoration tools, iZotope provides a wide range of plugins for enhancing and perfecting audio quality. Its innovative solutions for audio repair, mixing, and mastering tasks empower sound artists to achieve professional-grade audio results and elevate the overall quality of their sound production.

ClearView Flex:

ClearView Flex, our video collaboration software gives sound artists a user-friendly tool to stream live, encrypted audio & video with sub-100ms of latency from any source (e.g. Avid Pro Tools) via HDMI, SDI or NDI to tablets, phones, laptops or Apple TV – for up to 40 viewers. Flex supports a SMPTE standard 5.1 surround sound setup on Apple TV on most commercial home setups and offers precise audio bitrate control, so users can prioritise audio delivery where bandwidth is limited.


A collaborative platform that streamlines feedback on audio tracks, Notetracks facilitates efficient communication and seamless sharing among sound artists and collaborators. With its intuitive interface and interactive commenting system, Notetracks enhances the collaborative workflow, enabling sound artists to communicate and share ideas effectively during the creative process.

Adobe Premiere:

Adobe Premiere, known for video editing, also offers robust audio editing capabilities, making it a versatile tool for sound artists working on audiovisual projects. Its seamless integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications and comprehensive set of audio editing features provide sound artists with a unified platform for crafting immersive and engaging audiovisual experiences.

Cinesamples (plugin):

A renowned plugin offering a diverse array of virtual instruments and sound libraries, Cinesamples enhances the creative process for sound artists. With its high-quality sampling and immersive sound production capabilities, Cinesamples empowers sound artists to explore new sonic possibilities and enrich their audio compositions with realistic and authentic sounds.

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