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Transforming TV and Film Production in the Cloud

Olivia Broadley
Apr 11, 2024
5 min read
Transforming TV and Film Production in the Cloud

In the current landscape of film and television, and with the ability to stream at the click of a button, there is no shortage of quality content to consume. Cloud technology has completely revolutionised workflows in order to keep up with content demand, quick production turnarounds, and tight budgets. While the adoption of cloud-based workflows was undeniably expedited in 2020 when in-person collaboration had come to a halt due to the pandemic, the countless benefits of this technology continue to help productions get to the finish line quicker.

1. Collaboration Without Borders

When you think of traditional film and television production, what comes to mind are the centralised hubs – Los Angeles, New York, London, Toronto -- where all the work from pre-production to post typically happens. One of the primary benefits of incorporating cloud technology into a production is it breaks down geographic barriers and allows stakeholders in all different locations worldwide to work together on the same media. Now, a director who is based in the UK can work with his go-to final colorist in Los Angeles alongside a VFX team in New Zealand just as easily as working with all these teams in the same city. This real-time collaboration not only expedites the production process but also allows access to a deeper talent bench, a more dynamic exchange of ideas, and ultimately a better final product.

2. Enhanced Storage and Efficiency

Cloud storage solutions can be scaled up or down based on the project's needs, eliminating the high costs associated with physical data storage. Additionally, cloud services offer powerful computing capabilities that can handle rendering, real-time editing, and other resource-intensive tasks without the need for expensive on-site hardware. Rendering, which traditionally requires significant local computing power, can now be processed in the cloud, enabling faster turnaround times. While many productions use both cloud and physical storage, the ability to access media almost instantaneously in the cloud as opposed to the amount of time required to physically deliver a hard drive is another massive benefit. 

3. Security and Reliability

Security is of the utmost importance in the film and television industry. Many studios have stringent security protocols to which service providers must adhere in order to do business together. Cloud platforms are designed with these strict security measures in mind and offer reliability and high-power performance suited for a production’s needs. Cloud storage providers implement an array of robust security measures including secure access, data encryption, backup solutions, and more to protect against data loss and unauthorised access.

4. Flexibility, Scalability, and Cost Savings

Every production is unique in its needs. One of the key benefits of utilising the cloud is its scalability. An indie film, for instance, will not require as much storage or computing power as a massive Marvel film with thousands of VFX shots. Additionally, productions can scale these resources as needed throughout the production and finishing stages of a project. This flexibility helps companies stay within their budgets, which in the media and entertainment industry, is almost as important as the security factor. Just think about the overhead costs that are reduced – or even eliminated -- by using cloud storage: travel, physical storage, infrastructure, and beyond.

Adoption and the Future of Cloud-Based Technology

By embracing cloud-based technology and workflows, you are allowing for broader collaboration between creatives and technologists in different locations and time zones, and you are enabling efficiency, cost savings, and additional benefits into your production pipeline. While the cloud continues to evolve, the collaboration will continue to become more seamless, security will strengthen, and the technology will truly help simplify pain-points in the production process.

Do you need secure and reliable solution for remote collaboration? Explore ClearFlex View, our video collaboration software or learn about our automated file transfer software, FileRunner. 

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