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VES pub night in vancouver

Ameena Adil
Jun 15, 2023
5 min read

The VES Pub Night in Vancouver was a unique opportunity to share food and drink with the technical, creative and operational leaders in Vancouver’s expanding VFX community. The Brewhall location in crowded Olympic Village hosted 90 plus VFX professionals in attendance upstairs while the avid hockey fans watched the deciding game in the hunt for Lord Stanley’s Cup  downstairs.

The ClearView Flex demo ran all night with playback on dueling iPads.  The Sohonet team showed the platform to Crafty Apes, Barnstorm VFX, Vitality, Cosa VFX, Scanline, DNEG, BeloFX, Arc+Co VFX, Framestore amongst others.  People marveled at CVF’s ability to maintain sync and smooth playback from our crowded, bandwidth-challenged vantage point.  Thank you to the Vancouver Chapter of the VES for partnering with Sohonet to host the evening and we look forward to more events in the future.

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