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ARC EDIT Keeps Long Distance Storytelling In-House with Sohonet


ARC EDIT is a boutique storytelling practice with the rare distinction of cutting creative advertising as well as long-form features and TV projects in house. Launched in 2016, it connects its post production facilities with clients in Australia and the rest of the world over the Sohonet Media Network. It has serviced blue chip brands such as Qantas and VW as well as features such as Little Monsters and The Nightingale.


ClearView Flex | FileRunner | Sohonet Media Network


Sohonet discusses navigating lockdown restrictions, and connecting their international facilities with clients using Sohonet technology with ARC EDIT.


Although there is no substitute for physical one-on-one creative discussions with clients, following strict lockdown restrictions in Sydney and Melbourne a alternative for this social interaction was needed.


Even prior to COVID-19, ARC used Sohonet’s FileRunner as it “gave us great flexibility in being able to shoot and post at whichever location was more convenient for the director, production or agency”. Furthermore, EP Daniel Fry also stated that when Melbourne was under a strict lockdown, Sydney became the focus of shoots and Sohonet enabled ARC to operate as “one single transparent office.” ARC had ClearView Flex set-up in both locations and ClearView allowed the option to “edit anywhere in the world.” 


 Although ARC emphasises that there is no substitute for a physical one-on-one creative discussion with  clients – especially between the director/editor, Fry states that ClearView Flex has enabled them to do just that during COVID-19 which has “been a lifesaver.” 

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