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We connect storytellers – providing managed services and building tools designed to address the challenges of the media and entertainment industry. Find out more about our partners, our team and our culture

Who we are

    Back in 1995 (around the time MGM’s Braveheart was sweeping the floor with award wins) a few friends in post-production met at their local Soho watering hole. They wanted to discuss the future of the film industry. After a beer or two they concluded that if they didn’t make what they needed, nobody else would. They needed to find a way to send large digital files to each other quickly and securely. And so Sohonet began.

    Since our early, experimental days, we’ve grown our Media Network into the largest private network for the media and entertainment industry. Now we connect 1000+ companies and over 100,000 storytellers working across the globe. We’ve worked alongside leading studios and post-production teams to build a range of tools that remove technical obstacles in your workflows, so nothing gets in the way of creating great content.

    Our mission is to connect storytellers by innovating technologies to facilitate collaboration through a world-class managed service.

    We are committed to our vision of revolutionising the way storytellers create content by making collaboration more seamless and secure.

    We are building technology to help storytellers  do what they do best — create the magic we see on our screens, without their creative collaboration being constrained or limited. 

    As we grow, commitment to our mission remains at the core of our identity. It is woven into the decisions we, as a team make everyday.

Our people

From the products our tech team design, to the interactions you may have with our experts in customer service, our team is made up of film fanatics and tech specialists who want to see a story well told. See some of the people who head up our operation.

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Our Approach


Network connectivity

No more patchy networks, unreliable connections or capacity problems: we offer a direct, high-speed, secure connection to a range of remote storage, cloud and compute solutions.

Sohonet offering

Whether you need dedicated internet access, a secure connection to the cloud or you need to create a private network; Multiport is the answer. We’ve combined all these services into one cost effective solution that you can reconfigure and scale as needed.

Fast, secure, and most of all private, connect with your teams and transfer files around the globe on the industry’s largest and most established private fibre network.

FastLane offers a direct, high-speed connection to the industry’s major public cloud service providers. Connect to remote cloud storage and compute solutions flexibly and reliably.

Any and all of Sohonet’s services, brought to studios and remote location spaces around the globe. We partner with some of the largest studios and production spaces worldwide to support you from green light to wrap.


Real-time collaboration

Whether you’re making decisions where quality is paramount, or you need the flexibility to review content from anywhere, our real-time, remote, review tools connect teams across the world.

Sohonet offering

Collaborate with teams and partners in real time, from anywhere and on any device with ClearView Flex. Stream live, encrypted video footage for the ‘over the shoulder’ viewing experience.

Pivot is the best quality solution available for remote screening, colour grading and final review and approvals. Share frame and colour-accurate footage in real-time with collaborators around the globe.


File Transfer

Sharing and storing media has never been so data-intensive. Our secure, scalable transfer and storage solutions have been designed to streamline your workflows and keep your workflows running smoothly.

Sohonet offering

Share files of unlimited size through your browser, on a dedicated private network, with no costly server installs, plug-ins or downloads needed. We don’t put caps on usage, file size or volume.

This is your low-cost alternative to Amazon S3 for disaster recovery, short-term project archiving and creating cloud first workflows. Get high-speed, direct access to all the storage you need at a fraction of the cost.

This option offers you privately-hosted storage, so that you can offload your data to us as and when you need to. FileStore is made for small datasets, and is available on short-term contracts.


Media Security

Your content needs to be safe from malware, viruses, and any intrusion from outsiders. Alongside the security baked-in to all of our solutions we provide specific security management tools for your teams.

Sohonet offering

We offer a range of cybersecurity services, such as managing, monitoring and maintaining your firewalls, and configuring SSL VPNs and IPSEC VPNs to work alongside your network’s devices, firewalls and security protocols.

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