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AUSFILM: kojo streams colour grade live to los angeles

Olivia Broadley
Aug 31, 2021
5 min read

Check out this great spotlight on KOJO Studios from Ausfilm

Extract: KOJO’s Executive Director of Post & VFX Marty Pepper was colour grading in their DI Theatre in Adelaide, South Australia with the films DP Matthew Chuang sitting in KOJO’S partner facility, PACE Pictures, in Hollywood.

KOJO ran real-time sessions utilising Sohonet’s ClearView between the facilities to immerse Matt into the session with Marty, he loved the control and level of involvement he was given despite being 13,000 km’s away.

Utilising Resolve on Linux in conjunction with Live Grain and ClearView it was a brilliant example of technology connecting the creative process across the globe. The versatility of the platform means not only can KOJO beam to other facilities, but executives and producers can also sit in on live sessions from the comfort of their office or home.

Kojo Studios remote review
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